Thursday, September 10, 2009

1. I have only had sex with one person. This means all kinds of sex, from outercourse to intercourse.
2. We lost our virginity together at 17. Driving home with the condoms we were giddy and happy and so excited. When it actually happened, he was so careful and intimate. I felt so close to him that day.
3. I never orgasmed until I turned 18 and bought a vibrator. It was for lack of trying, but my fingers would get tired and I wouldn’t be feeling anything. When I finally got a vibe, it was an epiphany.
4. I own three vibes right now.
5. I’ve come twice without my vibe, both times with my fingers after having PIV sex with my boyfriend. It feels great but it takes so long, even if I haven’t used my vibe in a month. It doesn’t feel worth it most of the time.
6. Same with oral sex--just bores me, feels okay but not enough to continue.
7. We’re in an open relationship but neither of us has slept with anyone else yet. I wonder if it would be amazing or awesome… I want to try it out this year.
8. I get really bored with PIV sex after a couple of seconds. Pumping doesn’t do anything at all. Sometimes I make noises so my boy doesn’t feel bad, but I never fake it.
9. I’ve asked him if he has any fantasies. He always says no, which kind of disappoints me. I love the idea of surprising him with something that would really turn him on, but he says he’s just really vanilla.
10. One of the sexiest times with my boy during sex: we were fucking on a chair, and he lifted me up while he was still in me and thrust me onto the bed. It was so hot.
11. I want to be spanked, slapped, hurt during sex. Every time I mention BDSM, though, the boy talks about how sick that kind of thing is. I’m too nervous to ask for anything.
12. I wish I could come more easily without my vibes. Sometimes I think I’m defective. It’s the only thing that could make my boy really ecstatic during sex. He doesn’t want to finger me for 45 minutes, but hell, neither do I.
13. I like blow jobs. I like using my lips. I’ll throw up if I try to deep-throat it, though.
14. I started having crushes on girls this year, which is new and kind of embarrassing. I’ve always thought of myself as an allied heterosexual, but this new development is still unsettling in some ways. A lot of the people I know who are bi are girls who would never really date a woman and I don’t want to be seem like that.
15. Best masturbation position: on my knees, vibe to clit, thrusting. Another vibe up my cunt if I can get it there.
16. Whenever I masturbate for my boy, it’s on my back so he can see everything, but that actually takes longer for me.
17. We stained my parents' couch downstairs. Oops!
18. I get jealous when the boy tells me stories about his friend’s girlfriends when they orgasm really explosively/easily.
19. I think I ejaculated once. It gushed out and it was really cool, but it hasn’t happened since.
20. I want to play with an uncircumcised cock, just to see what it is like!
21. I love love love reading about sex. I’m picky about my erotica, though, which makes it kinda hard. Grammar mistakes and lame stories turn me off.
22. I’m an ‘almost A’ cup. I wish I had boobs to play around with!
23. My favorite position is doggy, but it’s hard because the boy slips out and it hits a really sensitive part of my vagina, which feels good but bad at the same time.
24. My neck is so sensitive and I love it when my boy pays a lot of attention to it. I don’t think even he gets how much I like it… I would give up kissing on the lips for more time kissing, licking, biting my neck! Mm.
25. My boy is never sexier than when he makes me laugh.