Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1. I'm afraid I'll never find a sex partner that will give me as good orgasms as I give myself. When you can give yourself multiple orgasms with just your fingers, how can anyone else measure up?

2. My first sexual experience was with another woman. I was eleven, she was nine. We never really spoke about, but when I saw her six years later she avoided me. I'm a bit scared I screwed her up for life.

3. I could have lost my virginity to a boy when I was seventeen and again when I was nineteen. I'm now almost twenty-three and I haven't given it up yet. I'm happy with my decision.

4. At age twenty, I started fooling around with my best friend. I almost lost her because of it, but it was the most fun I'd had sexually besides on my own.

5. I often think about taking pictures of myself when in the throes of an orgasm. I just don't know if I have the guts to really do it.

6. I'm bisexual, although I'm probably more attracted to women. I'd be more likely to date a woman and just fool around with a man... does that make me a bad person?

7. The strangest time I've had sex was 2:30PM in my house with all of my family home. This was before my door had a lock and anyone could have walked in. I think that made it more thrilling for me and my partner.

8. I've never eaten another woman out, but I think I'd like to. Even if I can't stand the smell of my own vagina.

9. I masturbate while listening to Japanese pop music. I'm still not sure if this is normal or not.

10. I'd rather watch girl on girl porn than hetero porn or boy on boy porn. Does this make me more of a lesbian than just bisexual?

11. The only time I like to see cock in my porn is if it's boy on boy. I'd rather cocks stay far away from any vaginas present when I watch porn.

12. I've watched porn with my best friend before (the one mentioned above slept with) and it wasn't awkward. I wonder if it's what started us in the first place.

13. I love masturbating in my living room in the wee hours of the morning. Anyone could walk in on me, but I don't mind. It's somehow thrilling.

14. I don't really see myself as an attractive person, but apparently I'm sexy. I just wish someone else would fuck me.

15. I think one of the reasons I assert myself as more of lesbian than a straight woman is that I enjoy being on the outside when I spoon someone. I don't think a boy would let me do it and it saddens me a little.

16. I've never tried anal play before, but I think I'd rather try it out on my own first.

17. I bought my first vibrator when I was twenty-one. Up until then, it was just my fingers. Sometimes I still get off better without the vibrator.

18. My best orgasms are always the day after my period ends. They're usually the quickest, but also the most satisfying.

19. Sometimes I enjoy denying myself orgasm. I get myself all worked up and then stop, then start again, then stop. It's such a rush and I love it.

20. Just once I'd like to go to a bar and find someone for a random hook-up. Male or female, I don't really care. It would just be fun, I think.

21. I used to discuss masturbation with my high school friends. We'd sit around and talk about what makes us feel good and share secrets... I don't talk to those girls anymore, and it feels weird when I see them on the street.

22. I prefer my women with a bit of meat on their bones. I like my men on the skinner side with a bit of muscle definition.

23. I have a strange fetish for people in glasses. I'd love to be fucked hard by someone wearing glasses and I don't know why.

24. I'm pretty sure Asian, female or both is my type. The only exception to that rule is my best friend, although I'm trying to not think about her like that anymore.

25. I've never had a relationship last longer than three weeks. Somehow this suits me just fine.