Sunday, May 9, 2010

1. I am a deeply closeted pansexual. Everyone thinks I'm straight, or they don't know for sure.

2. I have only ever been in one "relationship" and all we ever did was make out and dry-hump each other.

3. #2 also had me touch his penis. It was really small and it really freaked me out.

4. I have only ever made out with one other person than #2.

5. I guess I'm techically considered a virgin but I've probably masturbated enough to not be a virgin (including penetration). (I really hate that term, why can't we just say pre-penetration or something not so loaded?)

6. I don't have any sex toys right now but I'll probably get one soon because I've pretty much exhausted everything I can do to myself with my hands.

7. I have masturbated in some really public places including: work, my dorm room, public areas on my campus, in friend's rooms, elevators, etc.

8. I sometimes enjoy pretending that I am a male (in my fantasies), but I'm generally comfortable in my female body.

9. I think porn videos are really awkward, so I stick to slash fiction (m/m) and photos (only of naked women).

10. I really want to be spanked. (Certain scenes from Secretary are better than any porn.)

11. Despite #10, I am really clautrophobic and I don't think I could handle someone strapping me down in any way.

12. I would like to fuck a straight man with a strap-on. I also want to do that with a gay man.

13. Older, intelligent men really turn me on.

14. Nipple piercings on small breasts really turn me on.

15. I love anal. Fucking myself in the ass makes me so wet.

16. I talk dirty to myself while doing said ass-fucking.

17. The first time I put my finger up my ass, I was so freaked out that I didn't touch myself for a month afterwards (no lube).

18. Everytime I masturbate now, however, at least one finger is in my ass.

19. I masturbate at least once a day.

20. I am pretty overweight but I think I'm friggin' sexy.

21. The idea of going down on a male worries me, but I think it could be ok.

22. The idea of going down on a female really turns me on.

23. People kissing my neck is the most beautiful feeling.

24. Being closeted means not getting laid.

25. I think I might implode from sexual tension if I don't get laid soon.