Sunday, July 18, 2010

1. I’m 22 and female. I’ve never had sex with a woman but my favorite kind of porn to watch is women getting off by stimulating their clits with their hands or vibrators.

2. So far, vaginal penetration has mostly done nothing for me. Sometimes a modified spooning position seems to feel really good for a while, but then my legs cramp up or my partner wants to change position.

3. I had sex for the first time at 18, when I was a freshman in college. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. The guy I was with was very caring. It hurt and I bled on his dorm bed sheets, but I felt nothing but exhilarated and triumphant afterwards. That was the only time I had sex with him, though I did give him a handjob and a blowjob later.

4. I went through a weird period of feeling very isolated and depressed that year in college, and I used the internet to find people to talk to since I couldn’t connect with anyone in my immediate surroundings. Although I wasn’t really actively looking for a sex partner, I ended up taking the train into the city and having a one-night stand with someone 12 years my senior. It was probably the most passionate sex I’ve ever had, and I look back on it fondly.

5. I’ve cheated on every boyfriend I’ve ever had except for my current boyfriend. But I guess you could say I’ve e-cheated on him. Again, feeling lonely/isolated/bored has led me to do things like flash my tits at someone via webcam or have cybersex on an anonymous chat site. The latter sometimes turned me on, but I mostly did it for amusement rather than titillation and I never masturbated.

6. Speaking of masturbation, I’ve been doing it since around first grade. When I first started I used to rub myself through my underwear and then moved on to direct contact. It’s really embarrassing to talk about even in an anonymous context, but I used to masturbate under a blanket on the couch in the living room with my family in the room. I also masturbated under my desk in school, around second grade I think. I stopped doing that pretty quickly.

7. This part of my memory is really fuzzy but my mom used to babysit a brother and sister and I think the girl was probably sexually abused because I am almost certain that I remember her instructing me to go down on her while we were playing in a big cardboard box on the front porch. For some reason child me had no qualms with doing it. She was only a few years older than me so I feel no animosity towards her when I think about it now.

8. I’d like to eat a woman out now in a consensual situation as an adult. I think I would be really good at it because my current boyfriend likes me to lick his asshole and taint so I get a lot of practice. I do so enthusiastically and I sometimes fantasize that I’m licking a pussy.

9. I think I’m pretty open to suggestion sexually. I had never eaten ass or even licked balls before I met my current partner (I’d only had three others before him) but I started doing it because he asked me to. He also likes to lightly choke me, which I sometimes enjoy too, or come on my face, which I don’t mind. However, I doubt I’ll ever venture into anal sex because I’m afraid of shit getting everywhere, and even more afraid of taking an enema.

10. No one had ever made me orgasm (besides me of course) before my current partner. He eats pussy really well. I’m not a moaner at all—in fact, I’m virtually silent even when coming. But I love when my partner makes noise, as long as it’s genuine. An ex-boyfriend had really sensitive nipples and it was so hot when he let out an involuntary moan whenever I touched them.

11. Kissing is really important to me. Perhaps this is naïve or overly sentimental of me, but I enjoy making out with someone exciting and new more than I enjoy sex.

12. My sex life with my current partner has gone into decline. We have sex only a few times a month and I don’t enjoy kissing him anymore. I haven’t for a while.

13. My favorite fantasy is of being tied down spread-eagled to a bed, all limbs restrained, and being licked until I cum. I also sometimes fantasize about getting eaten out or masturbating in public.

14. I don’t mind giving blowjobs but I run out of breath quickly (I must be doing something wrong) and I’ve never made my partner cum that way. Our usual routine is that I blow him for a while, he fucks me, then pulls out and masturbates while I pay attention to his balls and ass. Then he eats me out. I often wish there were more simultaneous pleasure involved.

15. I’m pretty frank about my sex life and sexuality if someone else starts the conversation. (I just don’t feel the need to bring it up myself.) But I project a very good-girl aura and I think a lot of people I know would be completely shocked to read all this about me.

16. I’d love to be fingered by someone who knew what they were doing. My current partner has never attempted that activity and, honestly, I’m too shy to ask and I think I’d be too embarrassed to let him do it. It strikes me as even more intimate than cunnilingus and I’m so used to our routine I’m afraid to explore unfamiliar territory with him.

17. When I first started dating my current partner we used to have sex in his car on the top deck of my campus’s parking garage because I had two roommates. It was usually pretty deserted. Looking back, I can’t even identify with my mindframe back then and I can’t really imagine having semi-public sex now.

18. During sex, the other person’s pleasure is much more important to me than my own.

19. I contracted HPV from my current partner. I found out when a nasty crop of genital warts sprung up on my ladybusiness sophomore year. I felt hideous and wretched and to make matters worse, he got angry at me and at first refused to believe I’d gotten it from him. A topical cream and some acid removal has gotten rid of all of the warts, but the thought of having to confess my STD to a future partner makes me really reluctant to leave my boyfriend no matter how dull things get.

20. I have orgasms in my sleep when I haven’t had one in real life in a while.

21. Breast stimulation does nothing for me.

22. I think I might be interested in a MMF threesome someday.

23. I don’t use condoms with my current partner—which is obviously how I got HPV from him—because I’m on the pill and he doesn’t like how condoms feel. I guess I don’t either. It would certainly be a strange adjustment to start using them again with a new partner.

24. I think it would be incredibly hot to have anonymous sex, like the infamous mile-high scenario.

25. I don’t think monogamy is for me.