Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1. I sometimes wonder if I am a nymphomaniac.

2. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 17. It was on Valentine's Day with a guy I'd met online. It was also the first time we'd met, also within the first half hour. After a couple months of having sex with him, he grew too attached to me, though I'd told him I didn't want a relationship. He got suicidal and kept me around, because he knew how badly it scared me. When I finally broke away, I decided it was because I rushed into sex with him, though I know now it was more of his instability. I would still take back ever having sex with him, but I can honestly say he was the best sex I've had thus far.

3. I remember being young and curious. I was abused as a child, not sexually (not that I can remember anyway). My mother married an abusive man and I spent my home-time locked in a basement. I was always using my imagination, with my head lost in the imaginary clouds. I remember lying in bed naked, touching myself, fantasizing. I never knew if that was normal. I remember I got in trouble when I was about 6 or 7 for asking to touch my crush's penis. He let me. When I let him touch me, the after school daycare caught us, he had his pants down, and there was no denying anything at that point. In kindergarten through third grade, my best girl friend would always sneak around in public places. I remember exploring her body, and she would explore mine.

4. To this day, I have had sex with 5 people. If I could have foreseen the future, I would have only gone through with 2 of them, just because only 2 of them were special.

5. I used to play this game with my friend when I was 10-12, where we dared each other to do dirty things to each other. I loved it. I really just liked getting that sexual release, and giving it as well. I don't really believe in putting a label on sexuality because that's just when things get confusing. There is just no purpose in a label. Also, there have been 3 girls I have ever been sexual with, all before the age of 13. I'm not opposed to women now, I just haven't explored the opportunity yet.

6. I supposedly took my last boyfriend's virginity. To this day, I believe he was lying that he was a virgin. He always talked down to me about sleeping with 4 guys prior to him. Needless to say, it didn't last long. I sometimes think I am afraid of commitment because I've seen so much abuse in my life. It always starts out good, but I keep expecting men to turn in to monsters. This fear, in reality, turns me into the monster, and I end up hurting everyone who I could have possibly fallen in love with.

7. I once had sex with a guy friend, who I used to date, who was also my first (guy) kiss-kiss. He was rough, and I loved it. Sex with him was as amazing as I'd always imagined it would be. And afterwards, visible bite marks and scratch marks would serve as proof. I once swore he bit my nipple completely off.

8. I was such a dork in high school. I was shy, dressed weird, didn't like brushing my hair. I still dress weird, don't like brushing my hair, but I am significantly less shy. One other thing that has changed since high school is that every guy I drooled over in high school, I got after high school. Probably because my face grew more defined, my tits got bigger, and I was a whole lot bolder after I got out of that hell-hole.

9. I cannot cuddle without getting horny. I just can't.

10. A guy I briefly dated never let me see his penis. I knew he was small because I barely felt anything when we had sex, but every time I'd try to touch it or pull the sheets down he'd pull away and massage down on the inner contour of my pelvic bones and I'd just lose it.

11. If I could go to sleep after sex and wake up to sex every morning, no words, just sex, I could die happily.

12. I think about sex all the time. While I am doing dishes, listening to music, watching movies, having a conversation, the sexual thoughts invade my brain and multiply every second that I am not having sex.

13. When I sleep, I'm all over the bed. When I fuck, I'm all over the bed/floor/wherever. I don't think sex should be limited to staying in the bedroom.

14. My bare chest and stomach are my favorite places to be touched, but I think my entire body is an erogenous zone depending on who is touching me, and whether they know what they are doing or not.

15. I have only had 'passionate' sex a few times. It was nice. I'd like to experience it more often, but it's rare that I feel passion with another person.

16. I don't really like oral, but if a guy wants to do it, I'll let him. (Why not?) I don't know if the guys just suck at giving it, or I'm just not a fan. I guess I'll discover the truth eventually.

17. I wish my mom talked to me more openly about sex in my life before I did it. She basically asked if I knew I shouldn't do it, and when I got older and started going out, she'd occasionally hound me with "are you already having sex?" I never was when she asked me. I feel like I would have made smarter choices with who I have had sex with, if I knew more about her early experiences. And though I regret sleeping with a few people I've slept with, at least for future reference I'll know, 'think first.' Sometimes it's just so hard to do the smart thing when you're dying from lack of sexual intimacy, though!

18. I've found that I'm kind of sadistic. Watching men cry gives me pleasure, breaking up with boyfriends and then having them write me letters or something unusual... it all makes me really turned on.

19. Music can make bad sex seem better for me. (GOOD music.)

20. I hate when guys try to talk to me during sex, but I absolutely love it when they say something short and sweet, letting me know how good I look when I am moist with sweat, or if they're letting me know that they like what I'm doing.

21. I once dated a guy, when I was about 18, who was kind of shy. One day his mom came home unexpectedly while we were fucking. Our clothes were in the living room, and when we heard her come in he ran to the living room naked to try to get our clothes before she came in and saw. She saw. And I am also pretty sure his dad saw me naked also on a separate occasion. It really wasn't as awkward as I would have imagined it to be. Then again, I loved his parents.

22. Compliments also make me feel all giddy and... ready?... but I guess that's sort of the point in the big picture.

23. I feel the sexiest when I am completely naked, lying in bed after sex, with whoever just kissing my back, or having our legs intertwined.

24. I sometimes picture people having sex while I am out grocery shopping, or my college professors, or neighbors, and I wonder how they act and what they say or do or what their facial expressions look like in the midst of it all.

25. I believe it is impossible for two humans to love each other equally. 'Being in love'--it just doesn't work that way. I believe in love. Just not two people being in it, with each other. One person always loves too much.