Sunday, January 23, 2011

1 I'm male and queer and 21.

2 I look and dress like a guy, but don't want to identify as a man, although I'm not against getting called a boy or a girl.

3 I'm mostly into girls, although I occasionally like cute guys and trans men.

4 Polyamory is where it's at! Well, for me at least it makes the most sense: I suck at getting jealous, I'm good at communicating, and I'm pretty good at thinking everyone is cute.

5 I've had sex with 8 people, but none of them were men of any sort. I've kissed more people than that, including one guy.

6 I don't drink or smoke or really get intoxicated in any way I can avoid. Sometimes it sucks I feel uncomfortable kissing or having sex with drunk people. I sometimes wish people didn't get drunk at all these different social occasions so we could finally kiss or something.

7 I identify as queer mostly because of my leanings toward poly. Having crushes on guys and trans guys is new to me.

8 Third wave feminism is the best kind for me, if you wanna vote/be on top/be submissive/be a sex worker/live your life how you feel, then do it and there's nothing wrong with that.

9 I'm pretty hot, but I've gotten used to it and kinda expect anyone I find attractive to find me attractive. Of course this isn't the case, and I now have a few really good friends who I have the hugest crushes on.

10 I'm so grateful for my roomie and my friend/crush who are always there to hear me talk about how I feel about sexuality and always have my back.

11 I'd like to think I'm good at communicating

12 I've always wanted to be part of a DP, although it's not something I'd know how to go about asking to take part in. I guess bluntly--that's how I usually ask.

13 I hang out with "radical" people most of the time, it's comfortable, but it throws me off when I explain my ideas about sex to people outside of that circle and they're surprised or confused or curious by things I've come to consider normal.

14 Until I get to know you very well, I'll be detached. You won't be able to tell by my behavior, though. I love giving affection and I'm really open to receiving it as well.

15 I'm pretty tall. I'm seeing someone right now that's taller than anyone else I've been with before. It's awesome.

16 I'm curious about being penetrated. I've played with my fingers but I have no idea how I'd handle anything more than fingers, although I'd be open to at least try...

17 I had great sex ed in high school compared to most of my friends. I read a lot about sex online as well. The first time I had sex, I'd read so much I felt as though I knew exactly what I was doing even though I didn't.

18 I wouldn't know what to do past making out if I ended up in bed with a guy. I hope if it happens they have the patience to let me know how we'd go about things.

19 I used to be into "pick up artist" stuff, but I really don't care for it anymore. I just do the whole "be yourself" thing and I have more fun and don't think like a sexist douchebag.

20 I really like going down on girls. I like to hear the moans, feel the twisting, having my chin wet and seeing how different things affect different people.

21 I had sex once without a condom. It wasn't that much fun.

22 I've wanted to be bisexual since high school. I'd like to think it's finally happening, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

23 I'm trying to reclaim the word slut, as a self-identified slut.

24 I don't masturbate that often unless I want to last long in sex I may have later that day/night or if I end up at home doing nothing for too long.

25 I totally have a thing for punk girls.