Saturday, January 8, 2011

1. I'm a bi/25 year old female.

2. I've been bi from a very early age.

3. I've only experimented with one girl.

4. I have been in only a few relationships. All have been with males.

5. I can't remember the first time I masturbated. Guess I've done it forever.

6. I only know two ways to masturbate and neither involve penetration.

7. I never came to acceptance of being bi until after college.

8. I was very young when I experimented with a girl.

9. The first time I had sex was in college.

10. When I masturbate I usually visualize female on female. Though I do occasionally fantasize about being dominated by a male and recently discovered male/male sometimes does it for me.

11. I love reading erotica. I also love reading mature fan-fiction.

12. My favorite fan-fiction is Harry Potter-based. My favorite pairings are Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Snape, Harry/Draco, and I recently found a really good Draco/Ron.

13. I masturbate several times a week.

14. Most of the time I masturbate to relax. Other times it's because I woke up from a good dream.

15. I have been having more and more sexual dreams about females.

16. I'm really attracted to men who have long hair.

17. If a guy has really pretty eyes I am dangerously hooked.

18. My first real crush on a girl was in college. Think I admitted it to my at the time boyfriend.

19. I actually like to be dominated during sex. Not something I expected.

20. I have a fear of being tied up. I hate losing so much control and being so vulnerable.

21. My favorite thing on a male will be his eyes. They make me melt. My favorite thing on a female are the shape and swell of the breast.

22. Only three people close to me know that I am bi.

23. I'm attracted to redheads... male or female.

24. I've never kissed a girl but I wonder how it is.

25. I would love to experience taking a guy with a strap-on.