Sunday, January 9, 2011

1. I am a 31-year-old black male. I am tall, fit, and since puberty have never had any problem getting what I want sexually.

2. I am attracted to men and women, though I do not affiliate with the politics or socialization of a queer identity.

3. Most women I know find me attractive and a few of them have gotten scared by the idea that I am also attracted to men.

4. I lost my virginity at a graduation party. I was really drunk.

5. I’ve had sexual intercourse with 9 different people, all of them women.

6. The best handjob I’ve ever had was from a man.

7. I love eating pussy. I could do it for hours.

8. The majority of “muscled” gay men are not remotely attractive to me. As an athlete, I like well-proportioned men, rather than the muscle-heads that just lift weights and wear tight t-shirts.

9. Large penises and round bottoms turn me on. If women naturally had penises, I’d probably go for that.

10. I had sex with two different women on the same day. Didn’t use a condom either time. Not the coolest. One was my then-girlfriend and the other was the girl I was cheating on her with. I don’t do such foolish things anymore.

11. I’ve simultaneously made out with two different girls twice. The first time was in 8th grade. They both let me finger them under a blanket for a while. We all just giggled. The second time was in 10th grade, but everyone got naked. It was fun, but the two girls hated each other afterward.

12. I am very attracted to androgynously athletic women. Not manly, but tall, lean, fit women are very sexy.

13. My former girlfriend and I used to play with dildos often. We both enjoyed it a great deal.

14. Pornography has played a large role in developing my sexuality. Too large a role, but more sex-positive, feminist porn is really changing my life. I first saw porn magazines around age 9 or 10. I didn’t know what it was. Maybe around 11 or 12 I started to really get it... and i liked it.

15. I started masturbating around age 11 and ejaculated for the first time around age 12. It scared me. I just rubbed my penis into the bed until I came. That first ejaculation wasn’t so good because it made a mess.

16. I think about sex all the time.

17. I have a large penis--9 or 10 inches long and pretty thick. One of my former girlfriends used to have a hard time handling it, but she also loved it. I don’t enjoy the fetishization of black dick in popular media and culture. I don’t need people speculating about whether I have a large dick. I do. End of story. Get over it.

18. I enjoy anal sex.

19. Sexuality is increasingly sacred in my life.

20. Being black and having a non-hetero reality is not something that many black people accept. Different people for some very interesting and bizarre reasons.

21. I like that people like my physical body. I show it off when I get the opportunity.

22. I have always liked nerdy girls. There is something about eating a nerdy girl's pussy that I love. It’s almost like they just don’t expect it, but they totally love it.

23. I used to love masturbating outside.

24. I cannot understand why I never made out with my best friend from high school. He was hot, fit, and he was also attracted to me. very strange. I don’t think either of us really knew what to do about it, but many people thought we used to hook up.

25. I am very cautious about STDs these days. I’ve been lucky and don’t want to rely on that. “No glove, no love.”