Friday, November 25, 2011

1. I am a 43-year-old male, maybe metrosexual, bisexual, SM-curious switch, an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I enjoy being open-minded and I'm very curious about the sexuality spectrum. I have been sexually active since I was 12.

2. I have been living in a wonderful partnership with my girlfriend since we were both 19 years old. We have a son together. He is 20 years old.

3. A huge part of my sexuality is being an exhibitionist. I don’t really care who sees me naked, in fact I really hate how our culture makes nudity a scandal. It’s a body, we all have one. I would think we all see ourselves naked at least for showers. And you know what: if we were all a bit more relaxed about it, I think there would be a million (at least) more people more comfortable in their own skin.

4. I love to fuck woman. And I love men's bodies. Whenever I am looking for partners, I prefer androgynous, queer, cross-people. I would love to meet intersexual people. Its the most interesting thing for me, to mix and cross sexual specifications.

5. A lot of people have told me, I am a really masculine man, but with many female qualities. I am very happy about that.

6. I have had sex with more people I can count. I was working as a call boy from 15 to 26 and had a lot of experiences in the gay scene in Berlin. In the last 10 years there have been more and more contacts with open-minded females and hetero-flexible persons.

7. In my family we don't talk about sex. It's a pity. And I wonder how I got so curious and adventurous.

8. I learned masturbating from a friend at 10 years. I started masturbating in public at 12 years. My first orgasm with ejaculation I had on a beach in France at 13.

9. I like cybersex because it's possible to meet other kinky, open-minded people. But sometimes I have to reduce the time online to get more time for real life.

10. I love to work as a model. Sure, it's cool for an exhibitionist, but in fact, I want to help to bring good porn, art-porn to the people, to free the minds for a healthy sexuality.

11. I love cross-dressing. It's cool to find out something about the other gender, while being dressed like a female. And I like to meet other cross-dressers.

12. I like to be fucked by a female with a strap-on. It's a very intimate thing for me (also to be fucked by men). And I love to see how proud women are, when they are fucking me.

13. One of my favorite things is to see a man coming. I love cocks, and I love feeling come on every part of my body. For sure, I love to give my semen to others. I know, there are many people (mostly females) who don't want to see millions of cum-shots in a woman's face. I don't like them either, because it's a must in porn films, and not a fetish of the actors. But if the actors are really into it, I love it.

14. I want to shoot some porn-movies soon, showing this kind of sex in a better, artistic way, to bring this fetish out of the fucked mainstream way of porn.

15. I want to explore more about SM. I love to play, love to feel new impressions, new possibilities. But I don't like the way of people only performing SM-shows. I would learn more about real people's feelings while having SM sex.

16. I have had sex on a variety of drugs. Smoking weed gets me horny and it feels so good to fuck around while stoned. I’ve had sex while on acid, mushrooms, ecstasy and speed. I love Viagra stuff, because I am a cock fetishist and love to be hard for hours.

17. I like public sex. Love having sex in nature. It makes me scream like an animal, and it's a completely different feeling to be connected with Mother Earth while having sex.

18. I usually don't masturbate every day. It's very variable. Some weeks I masturbate every day, some times only two times a week. I try to do it whenever I like. Also in the office, while shopping, in the park...

19. I love to masturbate in groups. It's a special kind of fun, having sex without exchanging touch. It feels very free and easy.

20. The best way to have sex, for me, is when I am absolutely sure that my partner is doing just the things he/she wants to do. I have to feel that he/she is wanting me, wanting the situation. It's cool to feel a self-confident partner.

21. I care much for porn. I want to participate with people who are doing or consuming porn. But only art-port, good-porn, warm-porn, cool-porn, queer-porn, transgender-porn...

22. I love many kinds of bodies. Male bodies I like slim, young, smooth, hairless. Females bodies can be more beefy. I don't like hairy bodies; love shaved pussies and cocks.

23. Things I've never done but want to: double vaginal, a bukkake session with more than 10 men (active or passive), being exhibited by a dominant partner...

24. I need more and more mental connection to enjoy sex with others. Sometimes it's OK to have short, rough sex, but I love to feel secure while having sex.

25. I want to stay kinky and curious until I am an old man.