Thursday, December 1, 2011

1. I'm a 46-year-old male, more gay than straight, and in a stable relationship with a man for 15 years now.

2. But: I'm less gay than I thought. That is, my heterosexual part has gained influence over the last years. Now, women are no longer something I would only touch with my eyes closed, even if there are still many more men than women I find attractive and erotically tempting.

3. Right now there's a woman in my life who just has to touch her neck with her hand to make me get an erection. There's never been anyone I've sexually desired as strongly as her, and I can imagine doing nearly anything in the wide spectrum of sex with her.

4. I'm glad to be able to live my sexuality free of any sense of guilt. It wasn't always this way. I felt liberation and full acceptance only after my coming-out, when I was already in my mid-twenties.

5. Masturbation is an equally valuable way of living sexuality as doing it with a partner.

6. I like being penetrated by a man (and do it actively, too, even if I prefer the passive role), but I would not like to penetrate a woman anally.

7. If you would want to call it a fetish: I do love tight underwear on men (and on myself).

8. One of the most erotic acts is undressing the underwear, the moment of realizing the total nakedness.

9. Nudity for itself has nothing to do with sex or eroticism, as far as I am concerned - it's a natural situation, and I have freed myself from the inhibition decreed by our society rather early in my life. I like to be naked as soon as temperatures allow it, and I generally swim in the nude.

10. Presenting myself naked in front of others doesn't create any problems for me. It seems like I have kind of an exhibitionistic side.

11. I can't say there are body regions that turn me on especially. It can be the lips, the chest, the voice or the ass, too. But I must admit that I do appreciate a beautiful cock a lot.

12. I feel very open towards various sexual practices, as long as there's neither blood nor shit involved. For some time now I've come to like S/M play in my imagination.

13. I've also had sex with two other people: mmm and mmf. I'm not too interested in mff, but wouldn't refuse if given the opportunity.

14. I'd like to have a slightly bigger cock, especially when flaccid, because i like the bulge in the pants. But overall I'm satisfied with what I have.

15. I really like having somebody cum on me.

16. Both my "first times" came quite as a surprise: With the woman after being in a sauna, with the man without any identifiable cause on the floor at night. Both were very quick, and I was ashamed afterwards.

17. While studying at university, I had nearly no sexual activity going on. But there were exceptions. I remember one week when I had sex with a total of two men and two women.

18. Anonymous sex can be nice, but I'm not very interested in it.

19. I like photographing masturbating men and also love to take their pictures while they're having sex. There are lots of pornographic pictures with myself as a subject, some taken by myself and some by other good photographers.

20. I watch a porno movie once a year, max--they're too artificial for my taste, but okay to jerk off to.

21. I have no problem speaking openly about my sexuality, and I do talk about it with anybody who is not too inhibited.

22. Sex toys are not necessary, but I don't mind their use. But I do like wearing a cock ring regularly, and I prefer the heavier ones made from metal over the leather ones.

23. I seem to have few erogenous zones -- and the nipples are absolutely not part of them.

24. I've had virtual sex (via telephone, chat, cam), but normally I don't enjoy it too much and I find it hard to come this way.

25. There's one topic about sex I'm not speaking about.