Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1. I am a 22-year-old heterosexual female.

2. I remember discovering masturbation when I was around 10 years old. I did it off and on for a while, but pretty much stopped completely during high school. However, for the past few years I have done it at least four times a week, sometimes when I'm bored.

3. My first kiss was with my first boyfriend in freshman year of high school. I dated him merely because he liked me, but he ended up growing on me. We dated for a year and a half, but never had sex. I did, however, give him many blowjobs. I never let him go down on me--I was super uncomfortable with myself and was somehow grossed out by the idea.

4. Not long after, I dated my first true love. We dated for two and a half years, but never had sex! Sounds crazy. Maybe I was crazy.

5. Broke up with said first true love for T. He was older, taller, and confident. He took my virginity when I was 19, in the front seat of his Pontiac. He had a really lovely thick and huge dick. I didn't bleed and it only hurt a little. We worked together, and one time while we were the only people running the store, we went into the office and fucked on the manager's desk. We fucked right in front of this huge one way mirror. I watched customers walking around, looking at their reflections while he pounded into me. He turned out to be the only (so far) asshole I have ever dated. Took three months of 2 a.m. booty calls to realize he didn't really care about me.

6. Tried going back to my first true love. We tried to have sex in the shower but he couldn't get it up. Just wasn't right I guess. We are still friends somehow, but I think he is still bitter I never had sex with him. He doesn't know it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my insecurities.

7. I started dating a lovely Central American guy, R, with beautiful dark skin and hair. At 20, I was his first real relationship, first kiss, and eventually first sexual partner. I remember lying in bed with him, telling him to relax as I kissed him. Eventually he did and was an amazing kisser with his sexy, full lips. Up to that point, I had never had an orgasm during sex. When I did with him, it was amazing. We had sex almost every day for the first six months of our relationship. Eventually the passion died down a bit, but we were still very much attracted to each other, and very much in love. I learned to relax and let him go down on me. Oh my, what I had been missing out on. He had never done it before, but just the feeling of his tongue was enough to send shivers throughout my entire body.

8. Things started fading, and I grew restless. I was used to very long sex and tons of position changes with T. R wasn't lasting very long in bed, and I was becoming unsatisfied. I just recently broke things off with him.

9. I haven't had sex in 18 days and counting. I am constantly horny and checking other guys out. I enjoy giving random guys flirty smiles wherever I go. I am always imagining how these strangers are in bed.

10. Recently at a party, a guy I have known for a few years tried to kiss me and confessed his feelings for me. I have always had a thing for him, but I was dating R at time, and I couldn't bring myself to cheat on him. He was my ride home that night, and in the car, he turned to me and asked me to kiss him again. Just once. We sat there staring at each other for a good 20 seconds. I could feel this palpable attraction. I almost did it.

11. At night I run my hands up and down my body, imagining his face, his body, his hands. He hasn't talked to me since that night. He blamed the alcohol but I know it was more than that. We've had conversations about the size of his dick before. Apparently it's big. I am dying to find out.

12. I have a thing for Asian guys. I have a thing for tall lanky guys with big hands. I have a thing for dark hair and dark eyes. Don't really care for blond guys, but T. was blond. So I guess you never know.

13. Am I attracted to girls? Hmm. I have a certain female friend who is always flirting with me. I don't mind the attention, and girls are beautiful. Their bodies are beautiful. But I don't really have the urge to kiss a girl. Wouldn't mind playing with a girl's breasts though. Hard to explain.

14. I am dying for a new sexual experience. I have been having sexual dreams every night this past week. Mostly with my friend who tried to kiss me. I cannot get him out of my head.

15. I am really horny right now.

16. You want numbers? I have only had sex with 2 guys. Kissed 6.

17. I am always trying to perfect my blowjob technique. I love giving blowjobs. I love teasing a guy until he can't take it anymore and then finally going down on him. I love running my tongue up his dick and the taste of pre-cum.

18. I love being on top during sex. For some reason, I am unable to come in any other position. Still working on that. I like it with the lights off, on, outside, inside, on a bed, on the floor. Whatever.

19. I'm not a big fan of sex in cars, maybe because I lost my virginity to someone I didn't care about in one. Also not a big fan of porn. I like to create my own fantasies in my head. It usually leads to sexual dreams.

20. I don't think I will ever participate in anal sex. It really doesn't turn me on at all. Who knows what the future holds, though, I guess.

21. I love being dominated--nothing crazy, just being thrown on to the bed, knowing the man is stronger than me and the trust that comes with that.

22. I love kissing. That's the fastest way to get me wet. I love lightly kissing my guy and then pulling away, hovering close until we can't take it and start kissing deeply and passionately.

22. Seriously, buildup is the best. I will kiss your neck, your chest. Oh God don't get me started on how much I love a man's chest. I love running my hands across his chest, kissing his nipples, down his stomach, down the happy trail and then STOP. Save the best for last. Slowly pull down the waistband of his boxer briefs (my favorite kind of male underwear by the way) and creep my way down.

23. I have given a blowjob while a guy is driving. It's not the best, obviously.

24. I love my body and all its imperfections. I have made peace with my modest breasts. I love my hips and my butt and my legs. I dance naked in front of a mirror almost daily. Great confidence booster.

25. I have so much to learn about my sexuality. I look forward to the many sexual experiences in my future. I can't wait for my next conquest!