Friday, December 9, 2011

1) I'm 23, straight, female and a mathematics graduate. I met my current boyfriend at university, I was in love with him for a long time before we got together. We've been together for nearly two years and I love him more every day.

2) I was raised in a Christian family and taught that sex before marriage was wrong. When I started my first long-term relationship at 16 with a boy I met at Youth Fellowship, we both agreed that we would wait.

3) However, we ended up pleasuring each other with our hands and mouths plenty, and I felt it was pointless to stop short of penis-in-vagina sex so arbitrarily. I would have been willing to "go all the way," but he wasn't comfortable doing so. That was fine with me, and I was with him for four years.

4) I masturbated for the first time when I was nineteen. It felt good. By the end of our relationship I was an atheist, so no more sexual repression, woo!

5) When I started dating my current boyfriend, he was a virgin, and I hadn't had vaginal sex. I had to teach him to kiss properly, he learned fast. He saw my vulva for the first time and thought it was beautiful.

6) After fooling around in various ways, it wasn't long before we had sex. My thoughts on losing my "real virginity": man, this is really fun!

7) I still don't place penis-in-vagina sex on any pedestal, I love it but I prefer oral sex. I love doing 69.

8) My favorite sex position is: me lying on the bed with my legs up, him standing beside the bed and fucking me. It's good for deep penetration.

9) Sometimes I watch porn--not very often, though. I like watching different kinds of porn, mostly BDSM stuff. I don't care if it's man-on-man, man-on-woman, woman-on-woman, woman-on-man--I just like to see people in pleasure, as long as it's realistic and consensual.

10) I'm quite kinky, and love to be dominated and humiliated. I think this was a part of me before I was even sexually aware. I remember playing cops and robbers at primary school and wanting a cop to find me and lead me away with my hands behind my back.

11) In high school I was very close to my best friend. She was strange and would tease me and sometimes physically hurt me. I liked it, I longed for more. I didn't really know why.

12) I've never really had feelings for another girl, though. It's not impossible, who knows who I might meet in the future.

13) I've kissed a couple of girls, though, when younger and drunk and playing games.

14) I like reading erotic stories about domination, spanking, punishment, degradation. That really turns me on. I don't like when stories get rapey, and I'm not a big fan of stories about 24/7 master-slave relationships, not hot to me at all. Nor is fan-fiction, ugh.

15) I got my first vibrator last year, but it was quite cheap and temperamental, which proved very frustrating. I have a glass vibrator now and I love it! But since I got a flatmate I haven't been able to use it much. I wish he'd leave the flat more often!

16) Sometimes when I masturbate I pretend I have a cock and am going to come all over everything. Sometimes I imagine I'm in a glass box on display, an exhibition of depravity and shame.

17) I don't remove my body hair. I don't like shaving or waxing, I don't mind having hair, and my boyfriend doesn't mind either. My body is my own and I refuse to be ashamed of it.

18) Although I love to be dominated in bed, sometimes we like to switch it around. I love to make my partner submit to me. We both love spanking and biting and scratching and dirty talk! I'd like to be tied up more; I have restraints. He's not as into that.

19) I've never had anal sex. I'm not ruling it out forever, but I just don't want it, I don't think I'd enjoy it. Luckily my boyfriend is happy with that, though he'd like to try pegging sometime (me fucking his ass with a dildo), which I'd be up for giving a go.

20) I have the contraceptive implant in my arm, which is very effective and hassle-free birth control, but it makes my periods very irregular. It's annoying but I use a Mooncup (which I HIGHLY recommend, I never have to buy tampons again!) and we're fine with having sex during my period as long as it's not too heavy.

21) Last Christmas I dressed up in a sexy festive elf costume for him. He loved it--we had sexy elf roleplay and great sex.

22) Earlier this year, I took magic mushrooms, which was fucking great. I 69ed with him that night, and I looked at his ass while performing fellatio. Lo and behold, his bum hair revealed to me a tiny man, climbing through the bum-crack jungle. I knew it was just hair, but I couldn't unsee the little fellow. It was the funniest thing ever, but I couldn't laugh as I had a mouthful of cock. I was also enjoying his tongue but I was just so distracted by the butt guy. Sex is so funny on mushrooms.

23) Another thing about the night on mushrooms: I realized that so much of what I find hot is so dependent on culture and taboo. I felt so immune to that, I didn't even get sarcasm. I felt so pure and connected to everything. I saw the pretense all around me. I had no bad feelings about anything. I just wanted to say "This is really fun. I like the way my pants feel. I like touching you." But I didn't know if he would really understand how much I meant it (he did not partake of fungi). So sex was very different.

24) During the summer we went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding. It was fun, but I took more pictures of us half-naked in the hotel bedroom than I did of the day. He was wearing a kilt--of course I was horny.

25) My boyfriend also has long hair, which I love. I love men with long hair! I'm also a fan of androgyny, beautiful people you can't really tell what gender they are. Having said that, I also like bearded hairy men. I love my boyfriend's beard--I love the way it feels when he goes down on me.