Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1. I think about sex constantly.

2. I'm bi. But my experience on the gay side of the ledger is limited, mainly due to the era in which I grew up. I don't believe it's too late to rectify this, but it's enough for me that I identify as bi, because it's the truth. I am attracted to both genders. Not equally, but then, one acquires different tastes with different life experiences. Tastes often change.

3. Sometimes I wish I could be a sex therapist. Hands-on. When I hear women talk about how dissatisfied they are, I wish I could show them the way.

4. I lost my virginity when I was 14. I had no clue, really, I just wanted to get it over with. It hurt. The opportunity and the desire didn't return for three years.

5. My preferences in the bedroom have changed much over the years and continually evolve. Luckily, my partner is very adaptable.

6. I'm in an open relationship. It was my idea. Partly because I am extremely turned on by the thought of my partner being with other women, partly because I hate feeling like I am "owned" by anyone, and partly because I just want to get over any sense of jealousy whatsoever. And, well, partly because life is short and if an great opportunity presented itself I wanted the option of saying yes to it. It does not mean I actively seek out opportunities to have casual sex. But knowing that life has possibilities has given my partner and me a whole new platform for friendship and INSANELY AMAZING SEX - with each other.

7. I'm going through menopause. My libido has been racing since it started. Not sure if it's hormones or psychosomatic. Like FUCK YOU MENOPAUSE, I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.

8. I'm more attracted to younger people than I am to people my own age or older. When I was young, the opposite was true. I think it balances itself out somehow. This is what I tell myself to make myself feel better. In my mind I don't feel "older" than anyone, but that doesn't change the fact that I am. It stinks to have to think about it. I'd rather not, but society keeps telling me I am supposed to.

9. My first sexual experience was with my best friend in high school. We didn't really know what we were doing, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the kissing. It was exquisite. She's still in my top five all time kiss list.

10. The first "porn" film I ever saw was Emmanuelle. It was soft porn. I was about 15. I envied her life experiences even then, even though I was yet to experience good sex.

11. I've never "squirted"... or if I have, it wasn't noticable beyond the great quantities of vaginal juices I secrete when aroused.

12. I really enjoy giving head. I don't always swallow. It's a mood thing. If I'm really into it - and sometimes I really do get off on it - I will. Otherwise, if I'm doing it "more for him than for me" I tend to get out of the way.

13. I enjoy different sexual positions, but I always come "missionary." It's rare for me to come in other positions unless i stimulate myself clitorally. But missionary works a treat. I also lie on my back to masturbate. So I guess that's the connection.

14. I can come, without masturbating. Just by thinking, breathing, moaning and flexing my pelvic floor muscles. It's intense. I sometimes jerk uncontrollably and my whole body experiences a tremendous rush of tension release when I do it. I think I could teach other women to do it.

15. There have been times when I've liked "rough" sex. It's a phase I went through for a while, then I went off it. Certain men bring it out in me, though. Sometimes you meet someone who's a bit cocky and obnoxious, and you find yourself thinking it would be awesome if they "took advantage."

16. I like the way I taste and smell. I love kissing my partner after he's gone down on me. I kiss and lick his lips and fantasize that it is another woman's cunt. I'm hoping it's good practice for the real thing. I've got a slight lemon tang to my taste and I smell of the soap I use... and sex.

17. I don't put my fingers deep into my own vagina very often - preferring just to splash around at the entrance. I don't know why. I love it when other people do. Fingers are wonderful.

18. I love having my tits sucked. It can make me come. I long to suck another woman's breasts. Nipples are wonderful.

19. I really would love to tie a woman up and drive her nuts.

20. I get horny when I drink, but don't like to have sex when drunk. It dulls my senses. My favorite time for sex is in the afternoon, stone cold sober.

21. I wish I could just make out with whomever I wanted at a party, without being judged for it. Making out is awesome.

22. I don't look at porn on the net but I do look for photos of celebs accidentally revealing their breasts in public--they're known as nip slips. I like the idea of seeing something I wasn't mean to see.

23. I fantasize about wearing ridiculously revealing clothes and showing myself to strangers on public transport.

24. I have never had anal sex and never wanted to.

25. The first time I ever came without my clit being touched, it was when my partner teased my asshole with his tongue.