Thursday, August 2, 2012

1. I am a 19-year-old gay male. I am slender and I am from Kentucky, USA.

2. I realized that I was gay in the 6th grade and I told my parents in 8th grade. I then came out to my entire school my sophomore year. I've never once been ridiculed about my sexuality. Not a single time. Everyone has been so incredibly supportive I think my story could be a fairy tale or something.

3. I am 100% gay. I have no sexual attraction to women whatsoever, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like. I also wonder if straight men wonder what it would be like to be with a man.

4. I love straight men. It is such a stereotypical thing, but I do my best to respect their boundaries.

5. When I lost my virginity, I loved it. I bottomed that time and he was rather small so it didn't hurt. From there I topped the next guy, and the rest were back and forth. I have since had sex with 20 men and fooled around with somewhere around 50. Although these numbers seem outrageous, I don't consider myself to be a whore. I enjoy myself and I enjoy making someone else feel good.  I have only loved two of those people, and they both turned out to be crazy.

6. I contracted an STD, and I have never been the same since. Although I still have sex, I am not stupid about it. I was lucky once, I am not taking anymore chances.

7. I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic school for 12 years. I only thought my sexuality was wrong the first year I realized it was happening, ever since I knew that if there is a God, he doesn't care who I love.

8. I actually keep tabs of who I've slept with in an Excel document and it adds it up automatically for me... (business major).

9. I want to fall in love again. I want to get married and have kids and I'd like to find who I can do that with right now.

10. I am incredibly annoyed by the gay community and their demand for respect, but half don't respect themselves enough to not go half naked down the street for "Gay Pride." I believe respect is earned even though we should have the same civil rights, we do not and we have to work to earn that.

11. I use the terms gay, queer, and fag/faggot daily and think it's funny when other people say them and think that it offends me. Say whatever you want. Freedom of speech is beautiful.

12. Although I don't follow the Church anymore, I still think that sex ruins most relationships and if I meet someone important enough I will do whatever it takes to not have sex until we are married or whatever it is we can have.

13. Most people have no idea that I am gay and some people require me to tell them I am several times. I see no reason to make my sexuality the first thing someone sees about me, instead they should see who I am before I'm encumbered with any preconceived notions of the gay community.

14. Although I don't think I'm damned for being gay, I still wish I were straight sometimes. It would make my life so much easier. (That being said with no history of negative reactions.)

15. This is all out of order but I don't really care. I started masturbating when I was about 9, I think. I may have been closer to 10, but my stepbrother showed me porn at a very young age.

16. When I realized I was gay I thought it was because while I masturbated I had accidentally thought about men, so I would try to think about women... but it never worked.

17. I am a hopeless romantic.

18. When I am in love I will do anything for him.

19. Sometimes I worry that I will never be able to find someone to stay in a relationship with me and I'll end up just being a creepy old man hitting on guys 20 years younger than me.

20. I still am not over a boy I was with over a year ago. Every time I hear the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz I think of him. We were supposed to make Christmas goodies last winter while we were going to the same uni.

21. I recently had a sexual encounter that should be added to the script of the next "Eating Out" movie.

22. Sometimes I feel like I never want to have sex again, and I won't for a few weeks, then I end up texting a booty call.

23. I like to be choked during sex sometimes, I recently found this out... it makes things really intense.

24. I want nothing more than to grow old with someone. I want to live on the beach with them.

25. Shit is fucked, relationships will suck, but one day someone will be worth the bullshit. I know it either from the movies or I actually believe it.