Friday, February 13, 2009

1. I am a 31 year old woman. I lost my virginity when I was 27.

2. I can squirt when I masturbate. The puddle smells like flowers. I've only ever squirted twice while having sex with someone.

3. My favorite sex toy is a silver bullet. I've gone through several. The first one I ever got I won in a Toys in Bableand giveaway. My cat has chewed the cord on a few, so I have to be careful to put it away when I am done.

4. Once, my cat jumped between my naked legs when I was masturbating, and it freaked me out. Now I almost always do it under the covers if I am at home.

5. I started masturbating when I was probably about 10 years old. When Church told me it was wrong a few years later, I first tried to convince myself that I wasn't really masturbating because I wasn't penetrating myself. Then I accepted it; I'd been doing it for too long already to ever stop.

6. I have had sex with a man who took off the condom during sex without my knowledge. This has happened with two different men. Both times happened in the doggy-style position. I am still jumpy about having sex in that position.

7. If pressed to describe my orientation, I say, "I'm straight. I just have sex with women sometimes."

8. I could be having a lot more casual sex than I do. Sometimes I do, but it's not all it's cracked up to be.

9. I prefer intercourse to oral sex.

10. I had a lot of sex last year, but very little kissing and making out. I've made a resolution to make out more this year because I really like kissing someone that turns me on. So far, I've had a bunch of sex and no making out. It's been a lot harder to find someone I want to make out with than to have sex with.

11. Most of my sexual partners have been people I have had sex with only 1 time.

12. The first private orgy I went to induced a panic attack. Now I go to them and feel much more comfortable.

13. The third time I ever used my strap on, I fucked a guy with a gigantic dildo that he had. He told me it was one of the best fucks he'd ever had.

14. I am still trying to figure out what sexual things turn me on the most. I consider myself to still be in the thick of an experimental phase, and boy am I.

15. In the time since I lost my virginity, there was a period where I didn't have sex for a year and a half because I didn't trust myself to choose suitable partners. (See #6.) I learned a lot in that year and a half.

16. I use the Nuvaring for birth control. I don't have unprotected intercourse with anyone; I just really really really don't want to get pregnant.

17. I've always had fantasies about doing it in semi-public places (not out in the open, but where we could potentially be caught).

18. When I have a particularly erotic thought about large breasts, I sneeze.

19. The STD I worry the most about catching is genital herpes. I do not have it, as of six months ago when I was last tested.

20. Before I ever gave my first blow job, the thing I worried about the most was how much sperm was going to come out and whether I'd choke on it because it was too much.

21. The best kisser I ever kissed lives across the country from me. I hope to get the opportunity to kiss him again.

22. Well into my twenties, every time I'd orgasm, I'd think, "THIS is the BEST orgasm I have EVER had! EVER! WOW!" Sometimes it still feels like that. I've grown to appreciate that there are many kinds of orgasms.

23. I'm hornier in the morning than in the evening. My ideal partner will be a man who will wake up in the morning, make a trip to the bathroom and brush his teeth while he's there (I'll do the same), and come back to bed and have awesome sex with me.

24. I don't expect to have orgasms during intercourse, and I am OK with that. For me, that is not the point of intercourse.

25. I still masturbate to many of the same fantasties I had when I was a much younger girl.