Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1. I had my first kiss when I was 13 at church camp. I got peer pressured into playing spin the bottle, hooray for peer pressure!
2. When I started dating it was very innocent, but when I moved away from home I met someone 12 years older and all my hormones exploded and I couldn't control myself.
3. I was 18 the first time I had sex with him and I didn't love him, but he was an amazing person and he taught me a lot.
4. My first steady relationship was with someone 5 years younger than me who had a really playful attitude towards sex, so it really helped me get into
exploring my sexuality.
5. I've been in bed with men and women (and both together) and am turned on by different things from both.
6. I don't label my sexuality under anything. It's not my identity, sex is just a part of my life (an important part though, haha).
7. I never made out in cars like a normal teenager, but since then I've had sex in all the cars I've driven. I love the thrill of trying to not get caught, being in an enclosed space, and steaming up windows.
8. I've always wanted to try BDSM and haven't found the right person yet. I consider myself both dominating and submissive, depending on my mood.
9. When I was a kid, maybe 7 or so, my best friend wanted to play a game when I was sleeping over at her house. She pretended to have sex with me (as a man) and I
really liked it even though I had no idea what it was. Years later I wondered if all kids did this, and I freaked out until my boyfriend reassured me it was pretty common. Still, I feel embarrassed about it sometimes. She and I are still friends.
10. I've had a hard time finding romance because I put so much emphasis on sex. I tend to give people the impression that I'm just out for sex only, but truly I don't know how to separate love from sex.
11. My first orgasm was from oral sex. It was incredibly intense and I had no idea my body was capable of doing something like that. I believe orgasms are
the best thing you can do for your health!! Whether that's from your doing or someone else's... who cares how you get them, just have them.
12. I hid a French fashion magazine in my room as a teenager that I brought back from France. Most of the girls were nude and I was neurotically paranoid
that my parents would find it. I was fascinated by the blunt, natural attitude the french had towards nudity and sex.
13. I was bothered that my first boyfriend watched porn but after we broke up, I got into it on my own.
14. I've only given oral sex to one man because I always thought it would make me feel cheap, but he turned me on so much that I tried it and liked it. I would never go down on someone who didn't want to reciprocate.
15. I've had anal sex twice with a strap-on and once with a man, and it was okay, but just not really convenient.
16. The one thing I regret sexually is letting someone record a video and keep it.
17. I have a little thing for scars and birthmarks on people. I think they're sexy.
18. I've always wanted to try dirty talk but have a fear of blurting it out in the middle of sex and having the person stop and be like "what--??"
19. I loooooovve dressing up in costumes. It's like instant sex kitten in a box!
20. My ideal fantasy involves gorgeous fake leather boots (I'm a vegetarian, haha), wrist restraints, and a whip.
21. The worst kind of sex to have is someone going down on me who doesn't know what to do.
22. I'm a proud feminist and an old-fashioned romantic at the same time. I expect men to open doors for me, but I carry my own condoms. I want to be serenaded but I also want to get off. My philosophy is probably confusing but, eh, it works for me.
23. It's a shame that some people don't appreciate kissing more. It is one of the biggest turn-ons leading to sex, but a lot of people just want to get that part over with. Hmpph.
24. I like being loud when I have sex, it's hot. It's even hotter when a guy is breathing really hard and making sounds.
25. It took me a long time to be totally okay with my sexuality and open about it. And that's why I love this website...!