Friday, April 24, 2009

1. I love everything about sex – the smell, tastes, sweat and heat. I find it curious when people say they dislike it. A woman once told me that she recoils when her husband touches her and I gasped unintentionally.
2. I would find it tantalizing to watch a man masturbate but have never had the chance.
3. I enjoy going down on a man and swallowing. The sensation on my husband must be amazing because his response is so intense that it has made me cum.
4. I have no problem having an orgasm — on top, bottom, sideways — it’s all in the head anyway.
5. My married life is very vanilla and I frequently fantasize about other people.He refuses to go down on me and it took years before he’d even slide his fingers inside me.
6. I love fucking when drunk. Haven’t done that in years either.
7. When I fantasize about a man, he is rough — pulls my hair, sticks his tongue far back into my mouth, slams me against a wall, rips at my shirt. All lust.
8. When I fantasize about a woman, she touches me lightly sweeping her fingertips across my abdomen, sucks lightly on my lips, rubs her thigh against mine.It is sensual and slow and soulful.
9. One of the most amazing sexual experiences I had was when my then lover was sitting behind me and placed his legs to the outside of mine, dangling them off the bed.He kissed the back of my neck and gently ran his fingers up and down the length of my spine, then lifted me up by the hips so that he could enter me. He stayed behind me the entire time, cupping my breasts and kissing between my shoulder blades.
10. I had a sexual experience with a woman when I was a teenager — not sex but a sexual experience.I consider myself bi-curious.
11. I’ve fantasized about threesomes and foursomes, but I wonder if it became an actuality if I’d be as fine with it as I think I would. Open relationships seem complicated.
12. Food and sex go nicely together — whipped cream, melted chocolate, cold strawberries being passed from mouth to mouth.
13. I lost my virginity at 18.I was a late bloomer compared to my friends, but I’m glad I waited. I was nervous about sex as a teenager.
14. I’m sexually confident and know what I want and what I don’t want.I have no problem expressing my needs.
15. Dancing is such a turn-on for me. A man who moves well instantly makes my nipples hard.
16. After having a child my nipples have become slightly desensitized. I couldn’t take any roughness before, now I like it.
17. Being on top is my favorite position because I can control the rhythm and depth.
18. I love sweeping my hair over a man’s chest and down pass his waist and over his legs. I push his legs open so I can brush my hair up over his scrotum and penis .I have a thing for hair.I love pulling it and having it pulled.
19. I’ve played with hot wax and handcuffs with a previous lover. Power play can be fun.
20. Kissing should be done more. A sensual kiss can make me wet.
21. I like watching porn but feel kind of guilty because of the stories I’ve read about women who were drugged or exploited.
22. I am a visual person and I think my visualization habits when having sex is the reason why I orgasm so easily.
23. Well-chosen words can be an incredible aphrodisiac. An articulate, intelligent man turns me on quicker than large biceps or any of that nonsense.
24. I love any attempt at romance – even if clichéd – candles, music, wine.
25. I think more people should talk openly about sex. It is a fascinating topic that affects everyone.