Thursday, April 30, 2009

1. I'm 25 and I've had sex with two people. I've kissed 6ish.
2. I need an emotional connection for sex. Despite that, I have much better sex with the person I'm dating only casually and with no commitment than with my boyfriend of 4 years.
3. I greatly prefer sex with the person who has made me orgasm only once.
4. I prefer giving blowjobs on my knees, but both of the boys I've given it to thought I was too much of a feminist to want to do it that way.
5. I've only ever orgasmed from oral sex. I lose patience with masturbation and I haven't figured out to get myself there during intercourse. I've come close, though.
6. I often stop people giving me oral sex quickly because I don't want to make them do it for too long.
7. I love kissing and would stop having sex immediately with someone who refused to kiss me during. I'm often disappointed when it's time to move on from kissing to sex.
8. I enjoy the cuddling that comes after just as much as the sex. Spooning and staying up too late because we couldn't stop talking on two different occasions are two of my favorite memories with my current sex partner. Despite these last two, I love sex and want it as often as physically possible with my current sex partner.
9. I love sleeping in the same bed with someone, even though I never sleep as well that way. Even if the person is just a friend.
10. I stayed in a bad-sex relationship for 4 years because I didn't think there was anything more. I'm grateful to my current sex partner with for ensuring that I'll never do that again.
11. I've had sex with every person but one that I've more-than-kissed.
12. I had my first real kiss at 18 and sex for the first time at 20. We had been dating for a whole year. With my current sex partner, we'd been dating less than a month and weren't even telling our mutual friends yet.
13. After I broke up with the boyfriend of 4 years, it took me almost 2 years to have sex with someone else.
14. I wish I could have casual sex, but judging from my reaction to the boy I used to make out with in college, I'm completely incapable of it. Even my current sex partner was made "boyfriend" because I wouldn't keep sleeping with him otherwise.
15. My nipples are very small, and I'm thankful that neither of my sex partners has seen that as a reason to ignore them. But I was terrified when each of the boys saw them for the first time.
16. Facial hair and smoking are my two biggest turnoffs. A crush on a cute boy is dissolved instantly if I see him smoking. And if my first sex partner knew how many times he didn't get any solely because he hadn't shaved that day, he'd regret it.
17. My favorite position with my first partner was missionary, but I prefer to be on top with my second.
18. I worry that my current sex partner doesn't respect me because we had sex too fast, even though he's never given any such indication and calls me "beautiful" and "sexy."
19. At first, I was shocked when my current sex partner wanted to have sex more than once in a night and then again in the morning. Due to my experience with person #1, I thought I had far too low a sex drive for that. Eventually he proved me wrong.
20. One of my greatest fantasies is to have sex on a beach, but I've turned down all three opportunities I had for it. I want to go camping at a specific campground in the Virgin Islands because I want to have sex in one of their tents on the beach.
21. I have no interest in regular porn and have never watched it. But I've watched BDSM porn online... even though I'd never do it in real life. I enjoyed being spanked by the second boy I had sex with, though.
22. I've been broken up with sex partner #1 for years now, but still read his IMs with his new girlfriend. I get secret satisfaction out of seeing how little he's changed.
23. My boyfriend of 4 years begged for a long time to have sex in the shower. I gave him a blow job once but that was it. With my current sex partner, we took a shower together the very first time we had sex.
24. I had sex about as many times in 3 years with the first boy as in 6 months with the second.
25. I have no desire to try anal sex. Maybe because the first boy I slept with asked me to do it all the time.