Friday, May 8, 2009

1) I'm 19, a virgin, and don't plan on ever having intercourse, or getting naked in front of anyone. I only specify this, because when I've said it as 'sex' in the past, this causes people to think I don't want to be sexually involved at all with anyone, which isn't the case.

2) I have absolutely no physical, sexual drives myself, I feel no pleasure, nor am I ever horny.

3) Strangely, with #2 in mind, I'm an incredibly perverted person, and think about touching people at least 75% of every day.

4) I'm an incredibly open person sexually, and I don't hide it. There isn't a fetish in the world that could spook me, though the likelihood of my acting it out for a partner is another story. For the most part, I'm willing to oblige, so long as it doesn't involve my being naked, or anything that would harm my health. (I suppose that does limit it, haha. But you can surely talk to me about it.) I love being able to talk about sex for hours on end.

5) While I see nothing wrong with monogamous relationships, I tend to lean toward wanting something more open/polygamous. There's no reason to cut off the possibilities of enjoying other people, and especially enjoying them together. I'd love a three-way relationship, really. Or at least the chances for threesomes. Especially when you keep in mind #1 again. It leaves more options open.

6) For the most part, I'm about 90% dominant and 10% submissive. It depends on the situation, I think, but for the most part I much prefer being completely dominant, especially with women. It's always a hope that I'll find someone who's open to BDSM, but it doesn't seem it'll happen. I've met one, but nothing's ever happened between us.

7) I'm very inexperienced, despite how often I fantasize. I've only had any 'real' experience with two boys, and one girl. I only say 'real' in terms of below the belt. Generally, sure, I've used my nails over clothing to make people moan. (Boy is it fun!)

8) I enjoy yaoi very very much. Real-people porn is just ungodly boring to me. There's no real passion and everyone's so focused on the camera, or penetration close-ups that it just bores me. At least with yaoi, it's as if I'm not there, and they really get into it.

9) I'm in the fur community, and I've yet to find someone that isn't horrendously frightened by that. I have a thing for being really animalistic, with big, sharp teeth, growls, biting, pouncing, etc. The predator/prey aspect. And in a way, wanting it to be terribly rough, with me being thrown against a wall, or over their shoulder and tossed into bed.

10) It's odd, but I tend not to be attracted to boys in my relative age-range; either they're a few years younger, or much older than I am. Women, on the other hand, I find I prefer either my age, or older. Rarely do I ever like younger girls. This might change as I get older.

11) In my mind's eye, whenever I fantasize about being with a boy, I am always a boy as well. Yet, when I fantasize about women, I'm still a woman. I guess in general, that makes me really gay, hahah. I just love love two men together (so hot), so I guess it's only fitting.

12) Sometimes I wonder if had I been born a boy, I'd be able to feel sexual arousal.

13) I don't particularly care about intercourse in my daydreams, or in porn. Usually a guy giving another guy head is the sexiest thing in the world for me.

14) In general, I could care less about the actual genitalia of someone, be it male or female. While I know I need to do something to it in order to achieve the results I desire, it and of itself just doesn't do anything for me, if disgusts me a little. Sad, I know. The only thing I care about is the moaning, panting, writhing, gasping, struggling... It's the sadist in me that is mentally satisfied.

15) Hardcore punks are incredibly sexy to me.

16) I often wish I could be more androgynous. I find it ironic that I have the most curvy, womanly body possible, when I don't feel much like a woman at all. I'm sure the fact that I think more like a male decides what I'm attracted to.

17) Kissing really disgusts me.

18) Intelligence is a huge turn-on for me -so to speak-. If you have a good vocabulary and can articulate yourself, I am definitely going to be attracted.

19) I have a lot of fantasies about touching someone, primarily high school aged boys, against their will. Not raping them, though. Penetration is never a theme for me, as I've stated. But something about tying them down and watching them struggle against the sensations that are washing over them, making their stomach tremble and seeing their facial expressions is just delightful. I've never done this... it's all in my mind.

20) For almost five years I had an intense and confusing crush on a man 11 years older than me. He went back and forth on whether or not we could be together (He was my teacher in high school, and this made things a bit difficult. Then he quit...), but in the end, because of newly made distance issues and my age, he declined, even though he said he really wanted to. Sadly, even with how much mental mind-fucking he did to me, I'd probably take him back in a heartbeat if he said he wanted me. :(

21) I am unbelievably attracted to my friend of almost 11 years. He's two years younger than I am, and lives two hours away from me. For the past year it's been four hours, but I'm moving back home for a year. We've visited each other maybe once a year every year since I first moved, and since he was fifteen, have been steadily doing more. Or at least, I've had more time to give more, haha. I have sex dreams about him at least once every night, and he's the subject of at least 70% of all my fantasies. I have no idea if this will wear off, but I'm guessing he and I have made a silent pact that whenever we're both single (which has been the case for a looong time), we'll be friends with benefits.

22) I am pretty much the queen of innuendo, and can make absolutely anything sexual, and still be tactful about it.

23) For some odd reason, the sensation of being cold, and some sensations of pain (not good pain) make me have physical reactions that look and sound as though I'm thoroughly enjoying myself sexually. In reality, I'm not at all. I mean, I'll start shuddering and thrusting my head back, my eyes roll into my head and I moan. I really have no idea what causes this, or why. Perhaps my body's way of making up for the fact that nothing feels good and this just confuses the bejesus outta people? Seriously, I don't know.

24) I enjoy the occasional pain and blood play.

25) I find that I've been perverted since a very young age, despite the entire lack of physical arousal. Every day on my way to school in middle school I would narrate sex stories in my head. I still do that to this day, as having it in story-form seems to do so much more for me. When I was about eight, I remember thinking how much it made sense to 69, and at the time I thought I'd invented it. Haughty, indeed, but if one oral worked, why not flip around and do it at the same time?