Thursday, June 11, 2009

1. I hit puberty in 3rd grade and often humped my teddy bear. I didn’t know what I was doing, just that my physical body really enjoyed it and that I had a deep sense of shame. I often prayed for forgiveness immediately.

2. I got caught once and my parents made me carry the teddy bear around and called me a pervert.

3. I think the sticky feeling of cum from then is why I like to have a guy cum on me now.

4. Being bisexual, and having a first encounter that didn’t end in climax, I feel like I lost my virginity lots of times.

5. One of my girlfriends had sex with another guy while we dated and I read an email where he wrote her about it. It turned me on and still does, though it brings up all sorts of shame (and memories of being sexually abused). I don’t know what to do with the whole thing.

6. When I show up and am mentally in the game, I’m really good at what I do. Really good. I feel guilty if I’m not mentally in it/good, and never want to disappoint my partner.

7. I’ve faked. Several times.

8. My first fantasies about guys were the cool guys in school who all called me gay. I knew I liked women and yet would fantasize about them being rough with me, forcing me to suck them off, etc. It never happened, but it’s a fantasy that still rings true.

9. The first guy I let fuck me is also the largest cock I’ve had. It was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve had. Often I hate to bottom though because it doesn’t feel good.

10. I often hate topping men because of their body hair. It has caused me to lose my erection before I get it in.

11. Because of #9 and #10, I prefer sex with women (though love giving a guy oral sex).

12. My favorite sex ever? A woman with a strap-on. It’s a mixture of the physical and the mental as we cross gender boundaries left and right. My favorite image is of a femme-y woman with a strap-on as it double-crosses boundaries.

13. Ever since being a little boy, I’ve loved the smell of leather. I have no idea why. It is the easiest aphrodisiac for me to use to get an erection or orgasm, without a doubt.

14. My second biggest fetish? Hats. I know – it’s weird. Try finding hat porn. I don’t mean doing it with hats – but people wearing them.

15. I love roleplaying because my mind races – it allows me to engage the physical (sex) with mental and creativity.

16. I love vanilla sex because it allows me to please and be romantic and I’m a huuuuge romantic.

17. My cock, and my body, is average in almost every way. The only plus to my physical prowess is that I am curved ever so slightly so that it reaches just the right spot in men and women.

18. If I had to choose any sexual fetish/fantasy/role – I’d be a submissive. I love to be cared for and to please. It’s something I’d ask my partner to do for our entire relationship, if possible.

19. I also love being dominant, sometimes. Love it. And since I’m a good submissive, I know how to be a very good dominant.

20. I’ve enacted force roleplays with men and women and it has worked very well as the comfort has been established well before we play.

21. Safewords are vital and yet very rarely have I had to use one (or had one used when I’m the dom).

22. I often wish I was a girl – for the sex. Conversely, I love my cock and balls and would have a hard time giving them up.

23. I really hope I get to have a threesome before I get married. For what it’s worth, I hope to have 3 threesomes (MMF, MMM, MFF).

24. I’ve had sex (or sex acts) in plenty of public places (parks, churches, school buses, etc). I’m dying to join the Mile High Club.

25. On my wedding night, I hope to have really great vanilla sex. Food. Really great kinky sex. Water. Food. Massaging. And then whatever else.