Monday, November 30, 2009

1. I cannot think of the last time I went more than a day without masturbating. Ever since I first discovered the joy of self-love, I have always found the time to do it.

2. I have masturbated in other people’s beds, with other people in the room (while sleeping) and even while sharing a tent without anybody knowing it was happening (as far as I know).

3. My first kiss was when I was 15. I had been waiting for it to happen for a while, and when it finally did, it was a huge relief off my shoulders.

4. I am a voyeur of both men and women. I feel lucky that I can sneak a peek in the shower at the gym. The sauna is a great place for this.

5. I love being naked. If no one is home, walking around naked is quite freeing. I have always thought about going to a public place to be naked (nude beaches) but don’t know if I would actually do it. The act of going is more difficult than actually stripping down, I think.

6. I am a commitment-phobe and have never committed to any serious relationship. I feel I can draw a lot of people in without actually making a move, and in the end, this is detrimental because I get seen as a tease.

7. The voyeur fetish goes both ways. I think I enjoy being watched as well. If I were ever watched having sex or touching myself, I would be extremely turned on.

8. I recently found out that the male orgasm is something different from “cumming.” The orgasm is actually an enhanced feeling of sexual pleasure, and the best way to describe it is when that feeling occurs under circumstances when everything is “perfect" I know this feeling but never made the connection – I just thought it was really good. Ever since, I have concentrated to hard at making it “really good” and hope I haven’t ruined my chances of it happening ever again.

9. I often masturbate to pornography, but more often than not turn to my own fantasies right before I finish.

10. I lost my virginity in a threesome. Often I feel like this will be hard to top. I also feel like I would have preferred it to happen later in my sexual maturity to improve the quality. However, it is stories like these that make this fun to tell.

11. I had my first wet dream when I was 11. It took me having seen a television show weeks later before I understood what had happened.

12. A similar television show as mentioned in #11 showed different masturbation techniques. I used a banana peel to masturbate for the first time when I was 12 in the shower. It was explosive and I still remember it as being one of the top 10 sessions I’ve ever had.

13. I have never taken anyone’s virginity. I feel like if I were ever to do that, there would be too many attachment feelings. I also feel uneducated in what it is like "popping someone’s cherry." I think it would be messy…

14. I’ve made out with a girl at the bar in return for a drink. I wish I could take that moment back. From an outsider’s perspective, I think it looked really messy on top of it seeming rude.

15. I am attracted to women who dominate. Someone who can take control of a situation turns me on. I have also never had rough sex but feel like I would be in my prime if I did.

16. During sex, women who are vocal will make the sex 10 times better. This includes moaning, screaming, repeating phrases of euphoria, etc.

17. When I was 13, I entered an adult chat room and role-played with someone I had never met. I never returned to the chat room and only half understood what was actually going on. The other person initiated the conversation and asked to role play. I offered Jack and the Beanstalk (I’m laughing remembering this), but we ended up playing doctor and nurse.

18. Oral sex is another turn on of mine. I enjoy both giving and receiving. Thinking of going down on a woman makes me extremely sexual.

19. I have never had sex sober. I am only 19 years old.

20. I often find it difficult to “seal the deal” when looking to hook up. I don’t think I have the confidence to approach, and if I do, I can’t finish.

21. I would love to make a girl squirt. Even if I was not inside her, if I saw it happen, I would instantly cum.

22. Nipple play intrigues me. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it isn’t. I think you need to have the right touch in order for it to be worthwhile. I usually enjoy touching and sucking nipples as a part of foreplay, but have never received this attention, except for one time at a party when a male friend was being friendly and played with one of my nipples for about 3 minutes. It was extremely enjoyable and I wish I received this kind of attention more often.

23. I would love to have sex with someone I crave, or am crazy for in that moment. This might seem common, but I have never had sex with anyone I had strong feelings for.

24. I feel like I do not have enough sex to satisfy my needs.

25. I have in the past, during very open, social settings, bragged about my sexual encounters when none of them were true. I spoke of things that I would love to do or had seen in porn. I often think of these times and use them as a checklist.