Monday, November 30, 2009

1. I am a man in my 80s keeping my sex-life active with Testovirone and Viagra. All my life women and sex have been very important. After the age of 30, I became reasonably successful in making contacts (and still am). My present partner is a woman 28 years my junior.

2. I grew up in a religious family as first-born among six children. Sexuality was never mentioned although we knew that “fucking” existed. I still remember when my sister and I realized that intercourse was the way children were made. “Then Mother and Father must have done it. Six times!”

3. Since early puberty I have fantasized about seeing girls/women being spanked. Usually with birch twigs (“ris”), once the standard implement in Sweden where I live, and always on their naked buttocks. This made me very excited long before I connected it with sexuality.

4. I vaguely remember getting spanked myself as no big deal. But the sounds of two of my sisters being chastised with the birch in Father’s room are very clear to me. I listened with choking excitement. On one occasion the eldest secretly took down her panties afterwards and showed her red stripes.

5. At age 13 I had a secret crush on a blonde girl a year older but was hopelessly shy and couldn’t make contact. To this day I remember her lovely appearance in a cotton summer dress. She will obviously be with me till I die.

6. At age 16-17 I was going steady with a girl from the same church but we were both shy and inhibited. Just kisses, never anything under the clothes. I only remember her face and full lips. I never even thought about her naked.

7. I was 19 before I found out how to masturbate properly with an erect penis. Ejaculation was associated with vivid images of fast cars. In early puberty I sort of orgasmed by squeezing my testicles between my thighs, and at first I didn’t even understand that this was something to be done in private.

8. Looking back, I think religion and a God that frowns on sexuality are harmful visions to imprint in children. At the same time, a touch of forbidden fruit gives sex a special attraction. I don’t know if I really would have been better off knowing everything from early age, seeing all sorts of sexual antics on the net.

9. As student in a Teachers College I had a long relationship with a classmate from a Pentecostal background. She was even more inhibited and we were never naked together. During long nights in her room I could stroke her breasts and buttocks but penetrative sex was out of the question. Before I went home in the mornings she would jerk me off lying behind my back while I collected the ejaculate in my handkerchief to be disposed of privately.

10. I have always been exclusively interested in girls/women, never boys. Slightly homophobic. Men can have all the rights they want, marry in church and whatever, but male homosexuality makes me shudder. Lesbian sex is a different thing and I would have liked to participate and/or watch.

11. I was married 28 years to the Pentecostal girl. Our sex life never got any better and I don’t believe she ever had an orgasm. God was always looking over her shoulder. Why we never divorced I can’t explain. Misdirected loyalty, similar interests in culture, music, theater. Big house at a status address. No children before she died after six years with ovarian cancer at the age of 57.

12. During our marriage I had my sex on the side. Something I am glad for today, otherwise my mature years would have been a long trail in the erotic desert. From old photos I see that I was reasonably handsome, but I won my victories by being pleasant and intelligent with a touch of edge. This was in the 1960s when women threw away their bras and the concept “fucking for friendship” appeared. AIDS had not arrived and sex without condom was the norm. Nevertheless I never had an STD to this day.

13. I love the female animal (person, individual, whatever) and prefer women to men in all circumstances. Socially, as friends, working partners, crewing on my (then) yacht in Greece. Just a hint of a sexual invitation and I take it. But I never beg.

14. Rape no, but forced finalization of a once started fuck has been known to happen.

15. I am never jealous, nor afraid of comparisons. My dick is average, my physical status also; my brain and erotic drive above average. Whatever a woman has taken willingly in her mouth,cunt or ass is no great matter to me. Rather, I find women quite lovely when they talk about their escapades.

16. I have been to prostitutes in Thailand and Spain and enjoyed the experiences. Wouldn’t mind one now and again, but it is such a bother in Sweden where I live. Against the law, actually.

17. I love giving oral, including ass kissing and tongue. The female curves in that part of her body, the smell and mist of pheromones really give me a kick.

18. Vaginal fucking from behind is lovely and makes me feel that cunt and cock were made for each other. Virgin olive oil on the cock before penetration is better than most lubes.

19. In terms of lust, ass-fucking is a step up. The shared intimacy and humiliation (yes please) are very exciting. To me a woman’s anus is one of the last barriers to conquer.

20. In the 1970s, as an academic teacher, I met a female student from another university. She was 15 years younger, and we started a long history of sex and love. We became closely bonded when we found a mutual interest in spanking as an entrée to fucking. We were out sailing and she really defied me. Before she knew, she was across my lap with her jeans and panties down being hand-spanked in front of the whole archipelago. (I am sure it was intentional.) She used to store the birch switches worn out on her buttocks in an old suitcase, and at intervals we took them out for ritual burning. For my 50th birthday she gave me a riding crop of the worst kind, long and supple, made of nylon. She never hesitated to take it.

21. Women new to spanking will go to great lengths to get one. Long periods of cyber-contact, careful planning of the event, sometimes long travel to a meeting point. The duty for her to collect the implement, such as birch twigs, can be exceptionally arousing. As far as I gathered, the event is best compared to the woman losing her virginity and should not be done carelessly. During my roving years I often brought champagne.

22. As long as the rush continues (days, weeks), a command for the novice to lift her skirt and bend over may be enough to cause an orgasm.

23. Spanking contacts are far from one-night-stands. The special quality of the meetings creates a special bonding. Afterwards, whenever your eyes meet across a crowded room, your hearts leap.

24. Believe it or not, the basic emotions in spanking sessions are fondness and consideration for the “victim’s” enjoyment and satisfaction.

25. The fact that my present partner and I are going on our sixth year together is evidence of that. Without reservations we see our mutual feelings as love of the durable kind.