Monday, December 28, 2009

1) I am a 24 year old guy who considers himself straight, and I am currently single.

2) My earliest memory of masturbation would have been when I was around 12, I think. I remember my older female cousin coming over to stay and she had just jumped out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. I remember being curiously turned on, then touching myself later that night to that image. I have never told anyone this as I was and still am ashamed due to the fact she was my cousin.

3) My first sexual experiences were with my first long-term girlfriend. I lost my virginity at 16 (during a movie session at her house). The experience was a little unsettling due to the pain she went through and the awkwardness of both of us virgins grinding away not knowing what to do with our bodies. At the time we both thought it was pretty normal for us to have 'done it' and assumed a majority of our school friends had experienced sex, but a week later the rumour had spread that we'd had sex and it turned out we'd beaten all but one girl to the punch. We became known as 'the couple.'

4) We stayed in a long relationship (6 years) which finally broke up due to long distance and the fact I had cheated on her. I have since had only one other long term girlfriend (2 years) who I broke up with because I found myself wanting to date other people. I an currently single and hoping not to inflict any more pain on a girl wanting a relationship.

5) Because of this need to be single, I am sometimes brutally honest with what I'm looking for in any kind of sexual relationship. Some girls don't want just a fuck buddy and i'm fine with that, but I tell them up front to ensure I don't lead them on.

6) I always feel uneasy trying to hit on girls at nightclubs, and rarely if ever sleep with someone I've only recently met if they're drunk. I feel dirty and feel like I've taken advantage of her. They'll still come home with me, might stay in the same bed as me, but nothing will happen. This happens with me a lot.

7) Because the above happens a fair bit, my friends think I'm a bit of a smooth talking Casanova taking girls home all the time. I've only really had 18 months of singledom and I claim I've slept with 15 different women (including the two gfs) in order to save face. The number is closer to 7, I can't even remember as I've started to believe my own lies.

8) I tend to date 'princess types' but seem to have casual sex with people I really shouldn't. The list of people I shouldn't have had sex with includes ex-girlfriends' friends, people from work and ex-housemates. I also always seem to fantasize about my girlfriends' sisters when in relationships.

9) My deepest darkest secret is that given the chance, I 'digitally snoop' people's cameras or computers for compromising shots of them. I currently have semi-nude photos of both long-term ex-girlfriends' sisters, one of an ex's dad and mom, and one of an ex-housemate. I can't bring myself to delete them even though I know what I'm doing is wrong.

10) I like to think I'm a competent lover, who's particularly good at foreplay. I love to tease girls with massage, kisses all over, especially the neck, and don't mind giving head; even on one night stands. Given a little instruction or helping hand, I always make sure a girl has come once or twice from head and hand-work, before I go to penetrative sex.

11) Because of the hangup I have about drunk girls, I have fooled around with a lot of girls in this way, but don't count them as girls I've slept with as penetrative sex didn't happen. I really wish I'd follow up on these 'half one night stands' as I'm sure that a second actual
round would often be on the cards.

12) I'm not 100% confident with my body at the moment. I've let myself go a bit and I think this now affects my confidence with women. As a result, lots of girls just see me as a good friend, whereas I've seen them as initial attraction, waited too long to make a move due to this hangup and ended up in 'friend town.'

13) Despite being what I've been reassured is slightly above-average dimensions downstairs, I can't help but wish for a bigger penis. I really want my penis both longer and thicker, and have seriously looked into ways to enlarge it.

14) I don't really like getting head. Only one of my girlfriends has been really good at it, and only one has let me come in her mouth.

15) I'm into soft bondage, with tying up each other with a tie or scarf, or I'll hold down their hands using one of mine. Girls drive me nuts when they nibble and gently bite me, or scratch me down my back when I'm on top.

16) The best sex I ever had was with the girl I cheated on my first girlfriend with. It sounds harsh, but to finally realise that everyone has sex differently, and the fact the sex was dirty, sexy, lustful sex, meant it was the most mindblowing experience. I felt like absolute crap afterwards due to the cheating fact.

17) I'm always keen to try new things and keep an open mind in regards to sex. I also like to think I push my partners' sexual boundaries. I'll try anything once.

18) Although I won't have sex with a girl much drunker than myself, sex on drugs is a completely different story. Sex on ecstasy is amazing, and when both me and a girl are on it, I have great sex.

19) I like a girl who talks dirty and plays a little bit submissive. I love a girl who takes control and plays dominant.

20) I've had a fair bit of anal sex with my various partners. I don't think it's always as amazing as most guys seem to make it out to be, and if the girl is uncomfortable I'll stop. Nothing is sexy about a girl in pain.

21) Although I'm quite open and willing to experience, there's stuff that I haven't been able to do. I'd love to have a threesome (both MMF and FFM), an orgy, and a bit more bondage.

22) I masturbate a lot and watch quite a lot of porn. Sometimes I think I spend too much energy masturbating when I could be putting the time and energy into seeing regular sex partners. Sex is always better with another person.

23) I'm intrigued by tantric sex, and wish I could find someone to help me to learn as I think it'd be much better than learning from a book.

24) I'm always commited to safe sex especially seeing as I haven't got a permanent sexual partner. It's more to stop the STIs rather than pregnancy, but that said, 'Knocked Up' scared the crap outta me.

25) I seriously think I'm at the point of my life where I'm happy to be single and experience the smorgasbord of life and sexual experience. A lot of my close friends are getting engaged and the like, and I'm completely opposite to that and very comfortable with that fact. I'm sure I'll eventually want to settle down but for the moment I'm happy with where I'm at.