Monday, December 28, 2009

1) I believe I am pretty much omnisexual. I like sex with boys, girls, trans, queer (and maybe some things outside of the box...). But I identify as lesbian because, well, I'm too lazy to explain it all and I typically only 'date' women. But i can fuck anything.

2) I would love to be dominated, completely, just to experience it.

3) I can not submit to men, just can't...

4) I was once addicted to gay porn, and still rely on it occasionally.

5) I masturbate just to make myself tired enough to sleep most nights.

6) I don't think in one gender, and sometimes when I masturbate I visualize myself stroking my invisible cock.

7) My friends accuse me of being a 'furry' and I deny it, but to be honest, I have no idea.

8) I had a friend once who would get on his knees in front of me, look up, hands behind his back and quietly say "Please, command me, Mistress..." He was joking, but it gave me such a powerful surge I had to walk away.

9) I fully intend on exploring that side of me.

10) One of my sexual goals is to fuck a man in the ass with a strap-on.

11) I prefer virgins, or those less experienced than I am.

12) I would like to take the time to explore a man, but have only come across idiots so far, where once it all starts I wish it were over. I have better things to be doing than letting you borrow my vagina.

13) There was one man though, a gorgeous Puerto Rican truck driver. He wanted to explore. I didn't believe him and I think I kind of trashed that opportunity. I hope to run into him again. The experience was amazing, the only time I've actually enjoyed myself with a man.

14) I strive to fully satisfy my partner, blowing their mind and making their fantasies come true.

15) I really wish things like STDs didn't exist. If they didn't I would fuck many, many, many more people. (I'm often tempted to hit up strangers.)

16) I love giving anal. It makes me think my partner is very very slutty and it's arousing to me.

17) I hate shaving, and really like my legs when they are hairy. Yet I shave my armpits and trim my pubic area.

18) I love getting my boots shined and polished.

19) The smell of leather makes me wet.

20) I find camo to be very sexy, not sure why.

21) I love to dress up and roleplay.

22) I like keeping some clothes on during sex, it somehow feels naughtier.

23) It really freaks me out when girls completely shave their pubic area. It's not appealing to me. Besides, I like a little hair to nuzzle.

24) Cuddling after sex is mandatory.

25) Sex is always better when I love the person.