Monday, December 7, 2009

1. I am a 30 year old married woman with children.

2. I lost my virginity at the age of 23.

3. My husband also lost his virginity at the age of 23 to me.

4. I had 4 boyfriends before that and they got as far as touching my boobs and heavy make-out sessions. I wouldn't let them do anything else to me because I was afraid of God. I am now atheist.

5. My husband and I are currently in an open relationship.

6. Opening up the relationship motivated me to lose weight and to take better care of myself. I also started getting Brazilian waxes. I love the way my pussy looks.

7. I took the virginity of the second man I was with. He is now my lover. He was very inexperienced but he has a gift for oral. He knew what to do right off the bat and he gives head like no other.

8. I love talking dirty and I love being talked to that way as well; the filthier the words, the better.

9. Men should be more vocal, meaning I want to hear loud moans and groans of pleasure.

10. I think sex is very humorous. It's messy, there are funny noises coming from funny places and sometimes awkward moments. The best way to go about it is to have a laugh at it.

11. I find North American attitudes about sex baffling. Why is it such a big deal to see a nipple? Why is a public figure's sex life anybody's business?

12. I considered myself straight.

13. I had a MFF threesome recently. The girl and I kissed, we touched each other, I went down on her and she went down on me and I liked it all. This was my first time being with a woman.

14. The threesome started out as a foursome: my husband, my lover, myself and a friend of my husband. My lover left because he felt the chemistry would be better without him.

15. I want to have a FMM threesome soon, but not with my husband and lover at the same time.

16. I love giving blow jobs. My husband taught me to enjoy it, but he's still trying to teach me the joys of receiving a facial. I do like to be cummed on everywhere else.

17. I want to try role playing.

18. I want to watch my husband fuck someone else.

19. I love what I do for a living but if I could do anything else, I would love to direct pornos. I would also want to try my hand at dominating.

20. I think garter belts and stockings are sexy.

21. My husband gives me the best orgasms.

22. I think men with long hair and facial hair are extremely hot. I really really enjoyed watching Lord of the Rings.

23. I do not masturbate. It's something I never got into. I have tried many times at the request of my husband and lover but I simply don't find the feeling of my fingers on my vulva arousing.

24. I like watching anime porn because the acting is better.

25. I haven't received anal sex but I've pegged my husband. I love doing it.