Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1. I lost my virginity to a diagnosed psychopath a month after my eighteenth birthday. I didn't know he was crazy at the time. I'm now months away from my twentieth birthday.

2. I was in love with a comic book character for years. In fact, the only way I could deal with having sex with one of my exes was if all the lights were turned off, and he spoke in a low Cajun drawl. I reckon that's the only reason that relationship lasted as long as it did.

3. I hate my pubic hair. I, however, don't mind if my partner has any. They seem to look more natural on a penis than a vagina.

4. Every wet dream I've ever had has taken place in Australia.

5. I don't masturbate because any time I've ever tried was unsuccessful and disappointing. I find my boyfriend can do a much better job than I can.

6. Some of the best sexual experiences I've had were preceded by smoking expensive pot.

7. The boyfriend I have now gave me my first orgasm. He is my third sexual partner.

8. I saw his face while he came for the first time today. I don't believe I've ever seen anything more attractive. We had sex again shortly after.

9. A nice chest embellished with chest hair is the sexiest thing ever. I love hairy men. I mean.. hair on their arms, legs, faces.. I love it. My boyfriend is a veritable hobbit; I've never seen a naked man more desirable than he.

10. Blow jobs really used to disgust me; lately however, I haven't minded nearly as much.

11. I am a straight female. However, my first kiss AND sexual encounter was with another female. It strikes me as completely bizarre that someone as intensely against male insensitivity as she was is now a practicing Baptist with a husband and baby.

12. It used to be my goal to have a sexual encounter with a man from every continent... online encounters included I've gotten three out of seven.

13. The only vibrator I would ever consider purchasing is the OhMiBod. It hooks up to your iPod and vibes to the music. I've wanted to fuck Damien Rice's voice for so long.

14. I am far too jealous and territorial to ever engage in a threesome. What's mine is mine.

15. I hate, hate, hate porn. There's nothing more disgusting to me than plastic love.

16. As straight as I am, I'd fuck Helena Bonham Carter in a heart beat.

17. Accents make me wet. My very first crush was on The Crocodile Hunter. He could tackle an untamed beast and had hairy legs and a ridiculous Aussie accent. I was in veritable love.

18. As far as positions go, I'm rather conventional. Most anything where the only body parts I feel are cock and hands make me feel like a dick receptacle. I hate that feeling.

19. I was molested by my boyfriend in tenth grade. We were fooling around (in front of people with a blanket over us) and I whispered for him to quit, but he persisted and stuck his finger in me. I didn't protest much, but I really didn't want it.. I'd be lying if I said it traumatized me, however.

20. I find many fictional characters sexy.

21. I've posed naked for art. It made me feel wonderful about my body.

22. I once had a wet dream about my best friend's roommate. It was awful, and I woke up having to pee really bad.

23. I used to look up medical pictures of vaginas because I thought mine was strange looking.

24. I really, really don't like how condoms feel, though I see the necessity of them. Not to mention, they look like the balloons clowns make animals out of.

25. I like a man who can be just the right amount of rough.