Sunday, February 14, 2010

1. I am a 21 year old bisexual female. It annoys me when people assume I am only bisexual as a "phase" or that I can't come out as a lesbian. I AM BISEXUAL. GET OVER IT AND ACCEPT IT! They say that you are lying to yourself if you stay in the closest. I would be lying to myself if I came out as a lesbian.

2. I learned everything I know about sex via my friends at school and magazines. A single father, and then an evil stepmother doesn't make for good sex education.

3. I lost my virginity at schoolies when I was 18. I met him at a party, I bled, he told his friends I didn't shave, and I didn't get his number. I don't even know his last name.

4. I haven't been with a male for over a year, and it scares me that I've forgotten what to do and will be crap in bed. Another reason why is that, truth be told, I am slightly scared and intimidated by them. They are foreign creatures. At least I know how females think, and what do to with female body parts.

5. If I had to pick between females and males to sleep with forever, I would pick females. I don't know if I've just been with crap males, but the best sex I've had is with females. I once dated this woman and she was amazing in bed. I was almost sad to wave the relationship goodbye, if nothing else for the sex.

6. I have problems letting people touch me "down there." I am not confident about my bush (which can probably be traced back to #3) and therefore I will often touch the other person and my pants will stay on. This frustrates me, but I don't know what to do about it.

7. My housemate once banged on the wall while I was having sex, to make us shut up.

8. I was in a friends-with-benefits situation with this guy; I liked him and I thought doing that (it was his idea) would make him like me too. It didn't, and it ended badly. I am never doing that again.

9. I have had too many relationships that have fizzled out after a few weeks, and in every one of them we've slept together in the first few days. I made a vow that I'd never do it again, but I always seem to do.

10. I sometimes wake up from a dream so incredibly turned on, and, in my half-awake state I start to masturbate but I never seem to be able to orgasm. I then fall back asleep.

11. My first kiss was when I was 17, at my best friend's birthday. I kissed three people that night, two of which - and the first two I kissed - were females. I am secretly proud of this.

12. I once had a guy who was getting married the following week ask if we could sleep together. I said no because I knew it was wrong, but I secretly wanted to say yes, but #6 stopped me.

13. There are naked pictures of me on the Internet that I took when I was 18. They are on a website that I respect, and I am happy they are on there, but I am still worried constantly that someone will discover them. These pictures also stop me from doing stuff - like applying for reality TV shows. And I hope one day that when I am famous, I will be mature enough not to care when they are splashed all over magazine covers.

14. When I broke up with my ex, she told me that we "hardly ever made out". This annoys me because sex isn't everything, but more to the point, I never felt a desire to make love to her. One of the reasons that I knew I didn't like her as much as she liked me.

15. Another one of my exes and I never actually had sex. Everyone assumed we had as we made out every time we saw each other until the early morning, and I always had hickeys on my neck. It was so frustrating, every time I saw her I made a vow to finally do it, I'd shave and be all ready, but alas, it never happened. We always talked about doing it, actually had the whole "do you want to have sex? Yes? Well me too" conversations, but it never amounted to anything.

16. I never make the first move. I have once, and it turned out great and I don't regret it, but I am too scared of rejection to do it again. This frustrates the hell out of all my partners and I'm sorry, but I'll never change.

17. I was so drunk at my housewarming I don't actually know if I slept with this guy or not. I know we were on my bed, my skirt was removed, but I don't remember if we slept together or not. If anyone asked, though, we did it.

18. I once got caught by the police having sex on the bonnet of a car. It was with #8, and it was so hilarious.

19. I also told #8/18 that he had a small dick, and by the time I realized what I said it was too late to back-track, although I tried.

20. I once had sex while being recorded via CCTV at a former job. I didn't even think of that as we were doing that, and I count my lucky stars every day that we never got caught - or, if we did, my boss never mentioned it.

21. The first time I watched porn I got so incredibly turned on, despite the fact it was '70s, really lame, and I was with a really good friend of mine. As we were in bed that night she touched me. That was my first time doing anything other than kissing. The only words that were spoken was her asking me if I was okay. I said yes.

22. I've taken videos and photos of myself and exes having sex and I am thankful every day that I have all the copies of the pictures/videos and they do not.

23. Even though I am bisexual, I envision myself ending up with a man - and a white picket fence, a puppy and 2.5 children. I don't think I could go for the entire of the rest of my life without having sex with females, though, so I hope that my husband with be okay with that.

24. I haven't been single for about 2 and a half years, I seem to always jump from one person to another. A friend made a comment the other day that I might want to watch that, that I might get a reputation. I never thought about it like that before: I never see myself as attractive and it still amazes me when people want to be with me. Now I am slightly paranoid about how people see me.

25. I lived with an ex for two and a half months, and it was the most sexual two and a half months of my life. We did it constantly, more than five times a day. When I left - I moved inter-state - it was a shock not to have sex. We would stay in bed all day and all night and have sex. It was amazing, and she introduced me to so much stuff - scarfing, golden showers, dildos, strap on's, anal, while having my period, bondage - almost every sexual thing I've experienced (minus vanilla of course) is thanks to her. And I do thank her every day for teaching me so much. She doesn't know it, but I miss her terribly. We don't speak anymore.