Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1. By the time I lost my virginity at 15, all I could think was "finally!" I had been dreaming of sex since an early age and had made the goal to lose it by age 14. Looking back, I don't regret it at all, I almost wish it had been raunchier and more "forbidden." However, it was at my boyfriends house during the middle of the day while our friends watched a movie downstairs.

2. The summer I lost my virginity was the same summer I kissed a boy for the first time. Within 2 weeks I went from first kiss to first time having sex. I hadn't even seen a penis, let alone gotten to second or third base before letting myself go all the way.

3. I was interested in girls from a very early age, and even had an entire collage, floor to ceiling, of sexy pictures from magazines behind my bedroom door. My mother hated this.

4. I didn't really know what to do with this desire for sexy girls and thought it was sorta weird around that age (16 or so), and that my friends would judge me. I only casually mentioned it to a few people. I did, however, initiate most of the make-out sessions my best girl friends and I had during sleepovers. I always thought I was more into it than them. I never felt like those sorts of things would get in the way of friendship or would "be weird" later on. I love the idea of having a best girl friend whom you could experiment with if the urge popped up while maintaining that special girl bond.

5. I later on had a softcore threesome with a close friend and guy I had previously slept with once. There were other people hanging out in the same house, and in the room. I loved every second, even though I was a bit nervous. I do wish it had gone further.

6. After I broke up with my first boyfriend (and first sexual partner... a whole year and three months at the age of 15) I got a bit antsy and wanted to have crazy experiences. I proceeded to get hooked up by a mutual friend with a "hot guy" who knew all I wanted was sex, I skipped school and had sex on a trail near by with a guy I only sorta knew but liked flirting with, I slept with a guy friend's best buddy because he was interested in me (in my friend's younger cousin's bed, no less) and also with the dude mentioned in #5. All of it made me a bit nervous, but also made me feel empowered and in control while I was just figuring myself out sexually.

7. I'm very particular in how I like to be kissed. I am immediately turned off if someone's kisses aren't up to par, but will still give it a shot. I've "trained" guys to kiss me how I like it.

8. I like it when I know people are watching me get a bit dirty with someone. One time, at a party, my boyfriend and I were alone in the hot tub outside. We were grinding and making out like crazy, thinking everyone was in the basement. Eventually we heard some wooting and clapping from on the balcony. It was so hot and I want it to happen again.

9. As much as I like to think of myself as a complete sexy seductress, I think I would much rather have a sweet boyfriend to tell me romantic things and cuddle with (although he still has to love sex and be able to give me amazing orgasms)

10. I don't think I could be with a guy who wanted to wait.

11. I love flirting. I love teasing. Those two things led to a brief fling in which I was the "other" girl in a newly experimental open relationship. The guy was a co-worker and he had been with his gf for three years and they were getting "bored." It was a fun experience at the time, but I am glad it didn't go any further. The thrill of the situation was far better than the actual sex. Things have never really been the same since with the co-worker.

12. I've enjoyed all my "no strings" sex experiences--they are an exciting rush. It makes me feel sexy. But I love getting to know someone and their sexual preferences more. The sex with my current boyfriend gets better every single time. Having the comfort to try anything new and stretch your boundaries is amazing.

13. Until my current boyfriend, I had only been with older guys. Some that were very close to my age, but still older. My boyfriend is 2 years younger than me, and it is the best relationship and sex I've had so far. I think I had it all wrong up till now.

14. I love being pleasured and just letting myself float away. Closing my eyes and not worrying about how much time I am taking or where I am, but feeling fingers and a tongue tease me is one of the best things I can think of.

15. I started masturbating when I was about 7. My mum walked in on me one morning when I was supposed to be getting ready for school, and I was under the covers, obviously playing with myself. I said I was "just resting some more." I also remember shyly asking some girlfriends in about grade 4 or 5 if they ever touched themselves 'down there' because it felt good.

16. I now masturbate almost every night, and love watching porn. I have a fascination with watching hardcore porn and finding stuff to look at that pushes my limits. I usually get off on girl on girl (where one girl dominates the other) or guys talking really dirty to girls.

17. I have a selection of toys and I couldn't live without them.

18. As much as a nice built, tan, "Abercrombie" guy seems attractive, I usually get put off by the ones I meet. They all seem douchy and full of themselves. I much prefer a guy who doesn't realize his own magnificence.

19. I want to live out my girl-on-girl fantasies. The adventures I've had so far have been thrilling. But I am greedy and want more. I would love to have a threesome, but could never do it with my boyfriend. Only if he was an inactive participant and just watched.

20. I often look at other girls in the change room and shower at the gym. It's mostly curiosity about what other people have got going on, but I still feel naughty doing it.

21. I masturbated while driving my stick shift car over a busy, narrow mountain highway. It was a great orgasm.

22. When I was younger, before I'd had sex, I used to go into chat rooms and initiate cybersex with people. I loved reading the dirty words and getting off to the mystery of it all.

23. I never actually enjoyed giving blowjobs until I had found the perfect penis. Having one that you love the size and shape of in your mouth feels incredible.

24. On that note, I despise foreskin.

25. Just over a year ago, I woke up in a stranger's apartment after a concert I had been waiting ages for. It was the most awful and strange feeling. All I remember was arriving at the bar with a group of friends, ordering a drink, and taking one sip. The next thing I know I am in a strange man's apartment, who evidently looked like he had taken care of me despite all the scratches and extreme bruising I had recently acquired. After piecing together what events I could from police, witnesses on the street and friends I didn't even know I had spoken with at the bar, it was apparent I had been drugged and literally dragged out by not one, but two guys. Whilst struggling incoherently with them several blocks away from the bar, an older man (my savior) stepped in, at which point the other two guys fled. He put me in a cab to his house for the night after he couldn't get any personal info out of me. It turns out I wasn't raped by the two guys, but the bruising and injuries didn't go away for months. Even though the guys that drugged and abducted me didn't rape me, it still affects me all the time and makes me so angry. It definitely hindered my desire to go out to bars, even though most people don't think it did.