Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1. I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend at fifteen after dating for four months. My dad congratulated me on waiting so long.

2. I received a lap dance from my best friend who was three years older than me and her cousin when I was nine years old. They turned off the lights, sat me down in a bean bag chair, turned on the Backstreet Boys, and started stripping and rubbing themselves against me.

3. I used to lie about the number of people I've slept with to make it a larger number. I now, at nineteen, have reached 8 people and lie to make it smaller.

4. I like to masturbate while driving. It gets me really wet when I know the people in the car next to me can see.

5. I also masturbate while my roommate is sleeping less than six feet away from me on a regular basis. I'm never really sure if she's asleep and I know that's what makes the orgasm so strong.

6. I gave up on guys after sleeping with three of them.

7. Only one person, my current girlfriend, has ever made me orgasm without my help. I'm really good at faking it.

8. I once gave head to a guy in the backseat of his grandmother's car. His mom was driving, his grandmother was in the passenger seat, and his younger sister was right next to me. Nobody noticed.

9. I almost had a threesome with my last boyfriend and a random girl he met off the internet because he thought it would "cure" my gayness and keep me from cheating.

10. I cheated on him.

11. I've cheated on everyone I've ever dated.

12. The first girl I ever loved cheated on me with her coworker last July. We got back together and I cheated on her with both her ex-girlfriend and the girl she cheated on me with.

13. I've had sex in every building on my college campus except the library and the dining hall.

14. I love being bitten. Not just little nibbles; I want hard, teeth-scraping biting that leaves prominent purple bruises for me to marvel at later.

15. I hated having sex in the woods.

16. The best orgasms I've ever had was during phone sex with my first boyfriend. I was able to pretend he was someone else and make myself cum as loudly as I wanted several times in a row.

17. I absolutely hate being quiet unless someone's forcing me to be. I'm a screamer until you put your hand over my mouth and give me something to bite down on.

18. Hearing someone tell me to fuck them gets me wet instantly.

19. From the time I was twelve until recently, I often had cyber sex with older men. No matter how old I really was, I always admitted to being older.

20. I read erotic stories online all the time. I like to read several in a row until my panties are soaked through before masturbating.

21. I need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

22. I have no desire to be with men, but the porn that I like to watch usually involves a girl being fucked really hard by a man with a huge cock.

23. When I was about eight, I remember my younger next door neighbor telling me on her front porch that when she sees someone who's naked or kissing someone on TV, she immediately has to pee. I told her I felt that too and that rubbing yourself "down there" instead of peeing feels really good.

24. It worries me sometimes how easy it is for me to have purely sexual relationships. It makes me wonder if I'm really capable of loving someone.

25. I realized that I am to my current girlfriend what my last girlfriend was to me, but I hope I don't break her heart the way my ex did mine.