Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1. I am 26 and, until about two weeks ago, I had never had an orgasm in any position besides missionary.

2. I lost my virginity at age 18 while I was a senior in high school and my boyfriend was in his first year of college. It was not painful, but he told me I was bad at it and fell asleep while I cried in the bathroom for two hours.

3. I have a serious thing for men with glasses and body/facial hair. A really serious thing.

4. I was very sheltered growing up and was not fully aware of certain acts. The first time I gave head was when I was 16 and I didn't know what was indicative of a male orgasm. I kept stopping whenever he made a noise and asking if he was done yet. When finally did climax in my mouth, I though he had peed and was revolted. I've since learned better...

5. I have had eight partners, men and women. I enjoy sex with men more, but find kissing/touching women extremely arousing. They are generally more soft and sensual.

6. My clitoral piercing is amazing when the weather is cold and I am wearing tight jeans. People wonder why I "shuffle" instead of walk normally sometimes.

7. Of all my partners, my current one is far and away the most satisfying, emotionally, mentally and physically. I did not think this level of sheer pleasure and happiness was even possible.

8. I fantasize about being restrained with Nintendo controllers (I'm sort of a nerd...).

9. I don't think I ever masturbated to climax until I was sexually active with a partner. Before that, I just had my hand down my pants at any opportunity... it was just warm and comfortable, okay?

10. I still sleep with my hand between my legs almost every night.

11. I am very aroused with the idea of being fondled/fucked while sleeping... or maybe pretending to be asleep. Waking up disheveled and soaked while wondering how much (if any) of the activity was a dream is a big turn on.

12. I am confident that I could come just from having my nipples sucked, bitten, and pinched.

13. Sometimes I get a kick out of acting completely inexperienced during foreplay and having my partner guide me around a little.

14. I love having my freckles, moles and tattoos kissed, even though they're not extra sensitive areas or anything.

15. One time, I let my ex boyfriend "titty fuck" me and when he was done, I noticed he had left a skidmark on my stomach. I never let him, or anyone else, do that again.

16. Whenever I listen to music, the first thing I think of is whether or not it could be listened to during sex.

17. I love the idea of consensual violence in the bedroom for myself, but hate seeing it portrayed in porn. I think it gives people the wrong idea, especially because the women never appear to be enjoying themselves.

18. I love tasting myself... on my fingers or on my partner's and their mouth. It is very sweet and I enjoy sharing it with my partner and seeing/hearing their reaction.

19. Deep, forceful kissing makes me tingly instantly. I also live soft, sweet kisses. Okay... I guess I'm just really into kissing!

20. I have never had sex while drunk or high, but a lot people say it's pretty cool. I am happy doing it sober.

21. I've received a number of compliments on my oral skills. I love going down on my boyfriend because he is so large my jaw hurts for a day or so afterwards and that serves as a sweet reminder of what we've done.

22. Whenever I meet or even just observe a couple, I immediately picture them having sex and try to guess what they're into, even if I really don't want to.

23. I used to be an avid shaver, but have found the feeling of pubic hair pressed against pubic hair to be immensely pleasing.

24. I used to fake noises and pleasure sometimes with exes. It is really, really amazing to find all of these gasps and squeaks and moans escaping my lips with my boyfriend and meaning each and every one.

25. None of my sexual fantasies have ever involved Jeff Goldblum, just for the record.