Monday, March 15, 2010

1. I'm biologically female, but most of the time I would rather be and act like a boy.

2. The first person I ever had sex with (and a nine-month relationship) was my gay (male) best friend.

3. That relationship ended shortly after I slept with another friend, who is both straight and experienced.

4. Neither of them managed to give me an orgasm.

5. I really, really want to have a threesome with the two of them.

6. If I could combine them, I would have (physically) a ridiculously attractive partner. The gay one is hairy but not in shape, the other has been in martial arts for thirteen years. Muscle + hair, but unfortunately it's one or the other.

7. I don't like condoms, but there is also not a chance in hell I'm going on the pill. The only hormones I want going in are (maybe eventually) testosterone.

8. The straight one always tells me it's weird that I look like a guy; he once said that I was most attractive in the evenings when he could focus on my body instead of my clothing/mannerisms.

9. I have a D&D character with a +6 to Perform (Seduction) and I *really* want in the DM's pants.

10. I want to sleep with someone with female parts.

11. When my roommate found out that I slept with the straight one, she asked who was better. I said "Dear *God* there is no comparison." She wanted elaboration; I said "One is gay and scared of lady parts, the other is straight and experienced. Who do you *think* was better?!"

12. I occasionally consider jumping my roommate.

13. Despite his not wanting much to do with my parts, I loved sleeping with the gay one. It was always wonderful; we were hard in love.

14. The straight one has two-foot dreadlocks, and I one of the sexiest things I've ever seen was his flipping them out of his face, hands on my hips, as he moved to go down on me.

15. I don't shave anything and I don't wear deodorant.

16. The gay one has a much nicer penis. *Much* nicer. The straight one's is wider, so it's a different feeling, but the gay one could go *way* back in there.

17. The gay one liked to be on top. I also like to be on top; the straight one likes the bottom. Doggy style doesn't work because all of my height is in my torso, and all of theirs is in their legs. I get on my knees and the dicks are poking the small of my back.

18. I haven't told the gay one that I kissed the straight one three weeks before I slept with him. I told him about the sex the next day.

19. I like it rough, but the gay one didn't and the straight one is a lot stronger than I am.

20. My lower back is super-extra-crazy sensitive. I found this out when the straight one bit me for no reason at all.

21. I love it when people are grab-able. When the gay one's hair grew long enough to grab, I got inordinately excited.

22. I love having my chest played with and bitten. The straight one introduced me to the wonders of boob play. The gay one didn't care for them.

23. I've had sex in four states, four buildings, six rooms and once outside.

24. I don't masturbate; it bores me. This concerns me a little bit.

25. Double penetration porn turns me on.