Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1. I just had a one night stand a few days ago. I went out with this guy for drinks, only wanting to be friends. He was short, older, and just OK. At the end of the night we were walking in a park and he suddenly started touching my tits and making out with me. I slept with him to bolster my ego because the day before I had been brutally rejected by a guy I really liked. I was so hurt. So I went back to short guy’s apartment. He attacked my tits. He put my hand on his cock, which was BIG. He fingered me for a long time. He was really really good but I didn’t come. Then I got on top of him, he kept saying “Now fuck me, fuck me.” Then he got on top and fucked me so hard I bled when I was in the bathroom later. Top, bottom, top, bottom, sucking his cock, then he came. I didn’t. It wasn’t amazing, but it was OK. It was sweet. We laughed and talked. No pressure, nothing bad about it. We started talking about fantasies. When I told him I had a “Daddy” fantasy, he got so excited and hard and worked up he practically mauled me. He got behind me, he was so turned on, and said “Get on all fours, now!” He fucked me from behind, I was moaning and moaning into the pillow, and he came again. I didn’t. When I left I just laughed and he laughed. We knew we’d never see each other again. The next day I had bruises and bite marks on my tits, I was soooo sore, and my thighs ached.

2. I swear I have never been with a guy who had less than an 8 inch cock. Total coincidence. I always end up with guys with big dicks.

3. The guy who rejected me was married, because I have a total thing for married men. I wanted an affair with him so bad. When I see men on the train I will get wet and hot and horny if I see they have a wedding ring. I’ve had one other affair with a married guy and it was hot. We used to fantasize about his wife walking in and catching us and we just keep going and we both come in front of him, him while looking in her eyes.

4. I think this is twisted and I need to go to therapy for it.

5. One thing I’ve learned about sex is that men love—LOVE!—to hear women’s fantasies. It turns them on sooo much. I think even if you’re not super-attractive, having a great hot sexy wild fantasy life counts for a LOT. A lot of people, women and men, are total boring blobs!

6. I think sex is just as important, if not more so, than love. I don’t know how many miserable marriages I’ve seen where they still love each other, but they have no passion for each other. If I ever get married, it won’t be for love! I’ll get married only if it’s the hottest, horniest, sexiest thing me and my partner can think to do!

7. I love men. Love, love, love, love, love them. I love their armpits. I love their asses. I love how they smell. I love their hands. I love horny horny horny horndogs. I love the way some men stand with their hips out, cock front and center. I love men who love women! Men’s craving and desire for women turns me on. I love a man who needs a woman bad. The only kind of man I don’t really like is the intellectual type. The closer you are to a caveman, the better.

8. It is VERY hard for me to come with a partner, and it takes forever.

9. To me there are two distinct types of orgasm: the clitoral and the vaginal. I only had the clit kind for years and years and years. Then I kept trying with a dildo to have the other kind. Hello! When I finally did, it was a revelation! Whoah! It’s much harder, takes work, but Jesus….

10. To me the deep, vaginal orgasm you can only get from a cock pounding you is very mental. It takes a certain amount of thought and emotional opening up to get there. At least for me. It’s so female. It makes me feel so womanly, like obscenely womanly. Like a craven female with no need or desire other than this cock inside her. You have to really open up and let go and accept this man’s domination over your body for a moment. I know many women who have never had this kind and don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

11. I have lots of domination fantasies. Nothing extreme or painful or weird. Just being ordered around, told what to do, giving up control completely. I want to be told when to come and when not to come.

12. I met a man online who did this for me once. He was a “Master” and I absolutely refused to meet him, but we did this thing online and on the phone. He told me when to come. He forbade me to masturbate for a week. By the end I was a wreck, but it turned me on SO MUCH to do this for him!

13. I once had sex on top of a tombstone in a graveyard at night.

14. I have big, nice boobs that men love, but they do absolutely nothing for me. WTF? I don’t dislike having them played with, but I know some women who can come just from that. They’re pretty much wasted on me.

15. I have a fantasy of me being seduced by a priest, and then being made the fuck slave/cum slut of three priests where I have to do anything they want and they use me in any way they want.

16. I think being fit, athletic, and healthy with a great body is the sexiest thing in the world. People who have to sweat and work for it, not people just blessed with amazing genes.

17. I have been fat and obese in the past. I think being fat is a way to avoid sex. And that it also means you have a totally wicked, perverted, wild craving for tons of sex that you are not living out. Who, her? Why, no one would think she wants to be brutally fucked in the ass! I think former fatties are totally wild in the sack.

18. I love anal--in the right circumstances only. When you don’t feel like it, it just hurts. But every once in a while, I don’t want regular sex. I actually feel a need to have a cock in my ass. Nothing makes me wetter, nothing. I’ve never come from it, but I love it.

19. The married guy I wanted the affair with had a fantasy of fucking a woman who was wearing his wife’s wedding veil.

20. My favorite place to have sex is outside. I love being naked outdoors! I feel like Adam and Eve.

21. I have a fantasy of having one man fuck me on a stage while a whole auditorium full of horny men watch. Especially watch me cum.

22. You’d be surprised at how many women who’ve been married their whole lives have never had an orgasm or enjoyed sex.

23. Men love their own cum. I don’t know how many guys I’ve met have a fantasy of cumming all over a women--on her face, her tits, ass, everywhere. Then fucking her with their cum still all over her.

24. I’m a lot older than a lot of girls on this site, and I want to say to all of them: don’t feel bad about anything. Sex gets better for women as you get older and it’s a much slower process than just jumping in the sack and fucking. Women are different than men!

25. Talking hardcore about sex is fun, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. In a way I feel like an impostor. All of this is true, but I’m a lot shyer and quieter in person. This is kind of my alter ego.