Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1. I have always been fascinated with sex and the male physique. I started "borrowing" my dad's porn mags when I was about 11.

2. I peer-pressured my first boyfriend hard to have sex when I was 14. He wouldn't go for it. We did do pretty much everything else including dry-humping to orgasm. I actually miss that sort of fun.

3. I consider myself very very good at giving head. Lots of practice!

4. I often say that I have no sexual morals. If it's fun and feels good for everyone involved, I say go for it! I don't know where this attitude comes from.

5. I finally lost my virginity when I was 17. I pressured that guy into it as well. I was not the sweet innocent teen girl that everyone thinks I was. The experience was fantastic - outside on a picnic blanket. No orgasm.

6. My "second" virginity loss was when I first orgasmed during penetration. I'd mastered masturbation (snrk) at 12, but this was MUCH different. Much better. I became obsessed with having sex as often as I could. My boyfriend at the time reaped the benefits.

7. I became pregnant at 17 due to a broken condom. I lost the baby at 10 weeks after a major asthma attack. I had planned an abortion.

8. I went on the pill and became even more rapacious. I was constantly pushing the boundaries of acceptable norms... I would encourage my boyfriend to have sex anywhere and everywhere - including outside at family parks during the day, in the movie theatre, in the car, on his parents' couch while they were two rooms away.

9. When we split up in university we pursued two years of amicable "just sex" friendship. Every Thursday he would come over, we'd have sex, go out for dinner, have sex, go to a movie, have sex, and he'd go home. It was an excellent arrangement.

10. During this time I started more risky behaviour. I enjoyed picking up boys in the bar for oral sex (only once did I go "all the way" with one of these boys). I thoroughly enjoy sucking off a man. I have no idea how many partners I had during this time.

11. My husband was a classmate and, like me, looks and acts like a completely "normal" person - no one would suspect his sexual desires. He is a freak! In the best way possible.

12. When I first started dating my husband I was incredibly frustrated. He does not have a high sex drive and seemed very boring - only at night, only in the bedroom, few positions, not creative. I thought it would be the end of us. He can go months without and I hadn't gone a week without for 6 years.

13. It was only when he let me in on his secrets that I realized how incredibly suited we were for each other. It started with him expressing a fascination for threesomes, and watching me with another man. Early on we started inviting boys over for fun and it was fantastic! I got laid, he got off, and we all had fun.

14. My husband is also a closeted (from himself) bisexual. He loves ass play and he loves if I fuck him with a strap-on. He fantasizes about being with men, and I encourage it. I would love to see him with a big, muscley man.

15. Things got more interesting from there. Just last year I started "going out" and leaving him at home. Meeting up with random strangers to fuck like bunnies and then come home to him. I had never seen him hotter. He especially loves when I am with someone HUGE, as he is small and likes to feel it all stretched out.

16. I feel like when he fucks me after I've been "out," he is actually fucking the other man. It's fantastic!

17. I had sex with another man the day we conceived my son. Although it was with a condom and my husband without, I am really really glad the kid looks so much like him.

18. Paradoxically, although we had a rich sex life, he is completely unattracted to me since I've gained weight. I feel ashamed to be naked around him.

19. Since conceiving my son, I haven't had sex at all. Not once. In 15 months. All of the energy that I used to pour into masturbating, getting it, wanting it, having it, is now directed at loving and caring for the baby. I hope my sex drive comes back, but I'm not in a rush.

20. Shortly after our kid was born, my husband "made friends" with a female stripper and started seeing her without my knowledge. It was nearly the end of our marriage. I have no issues with an open relationship (obviously) and could not figure out why I was so upset. After much reflection on the issue, I have come to the conclusion that I have no morals attached to sex, but plenty of them attached to truth. I would not have objected if he hadn't seen the need to hide it. I am still baffled why he thought I would be upset. Regardless, he broke off the relationship.

21. As a reconciliation gift, and as a token of my appreciation for him putting up with my complete lack of sex drive, I purchased him an hour with a high-end hooker.

22. He currently meets with her twice a month on a lunch break.

23. I am very happy and satisfied, and have never suffered any abuse... had a wonderful nuclear family with no skeletons in the closet, and have no idea why my sexual desires run this way. I suppose it's "weird" to most people but I just can't drum up any shame about it.

24. Because I (a very normal, white-bread, ordinary person outside the bedroom) am like this behind closed doors, I can't help but imagine what others do as well. I think there are more people like me, or who want to be like me, than most people think. This is my biggest turn-on.

25. This website has made me want to masturbate again.