Thursday, August 12, 2010

1. I have never been in a dating relationship. Meaning I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, although it's not because I don't want to be in one. I just never have been approached. I'm also 20 and a virgin.

2. I think about sex a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean it is culturally indecent for a woman to think about sex as much as I do. I could probably beat out the boys with my sexual fantasies.

3. I have been masturbating since at least age 4. I took a brief hiatus in my overly Christian tween years. When I was little, I imagined that my vagina was in a waiting room for the doctor, and when I was close to climaxing, that the doctor or nurse was giving me a shot. I've recently picked it back up since my guilt mechanism has broken. Sometimes I need to change underwear multiple times when I'm masturbating because I discharge so much liquid.

4. I've always been a tomboy and everything in my life has been pointing to the fate of lesbianism, but until recently, I never came to terms with that fate. I think it's quite hot now.

5. I want a girlfriend so bad. Not necessarily to have sex all the time, but I just want to be near someone. Hold someone. Kiss someone. Speak tenderly to or say hot nasty things to. I want to breath heavily on her hip bones while giving her tender kisses that increasingly make their way down to her danger zone. I want someone to breath on my neck, and lick my ears. I want to take her pubic hair in my mouth and tug it. I want to lick from her mouth down to her pussy. I want to feel the warmth of our two bodies as we're intertwined.

6. I've never had any type of sex, but I think I'd be rather good at oral sex. I've had lots of practice on my popsicles and ice cream cones. And according to my popsicles I would be a champion at deep throating: no gag reflex.

7. I have recently started watching porn, usually when really horny, high, or super drunk. You'd think lesbian porn turns me on, but two guys going at it really gets me hot and bothered. There's something about two masculine men sucking on each others' cocks and fondling their balls that gets me riled up. I don't watch it often, usually because I feel ashamed after I masturbate to someone's incredible cum shot.

8. I've only had 2 sex dreams in my life, and one of them included Lady Gaga eating me out. Needless to say, I win.

9. I am attracted to manly, burly men with facial hair, and feminine, beautiful women. My sexuality switches on a monthly or even weekly basis. I guess that would make me bisexual.

10. When I am in the mood for men, I only fantasize about oral sex. I could give men blow jobs like it was my charity. If I could, I think I would show my male friends my appreciation for them by giving them a wet and thorough blow job. Not because I'm attracted to them all or want to have sex with them, I just think it would be the best sign of friendship. I don't think I could ever get sexually attached to a man.

11. Strap-ons and vibrators freak me out. I don't think I'd ever use them because they seem overly barbaric and I associate them with dirty and shameful connotations. I would rather go the au naturale route of penetration, fellatio, cunniligus, or using my hands. But, like I said, I'm a virgin, this all could change very quickly.

12. If I read graphic novels or even how-to's on sex or anything of the sort, I get so wet. I think hearing about sex and how to do it turns me on more than seeing it. I have a huge problem with fantasizing about sex. It gets in the way.

13. My parents never had an official sex talk with my siblings or me. My mom's idea of blackmail would to ask, "do you know what that means?!" I doubt my parents have had sex since I was born. They would be incredibly disturbed by all of my sexual habits and knowledge of such things, because they are staunch conservatives. I would completely shock them with my pseudo-porn addiction and masturbating madness.

14. I've recently found out that I'm a squirter.

15. When I am close to climaxing, my eyes squeeze shut and I automatically open my mouth in the "O" face. I've always had roommates, so I can't be very vocal when I climax, but I don't think I'd ever be a screamer. I like quiet and fast sex.

16. I have an obsession with drag queens. I think I would rather date men playing women than actually date the men without make-up.

17. It doesn't matter who breathes on my neck: good friends, or potential crushes, men, women, you name it, I get turned on. One of my closest friends sat on my lap one time, and breathed on my neck slowly and tenderly, and I almost orgasmed then and there.

18. I have this continuing fantasy that a real lipstick lesbian would crawl into my lap and straddle me while I undressed her. Then I would pull her close and give her passionate french kisses. I would kiss her breasts, and play with her nipples in my mouth. Then I would flip her over, and straddle her on her back. Sex to follow.

19. Like I said, fantasy is huge for me, and I keep praying that I will have a celebrity sex session. I'd like to see Charlize Theron and Eva Mendez go at it for a while before I joined them. I'm pretty sure I could win them over in real life.

20. I have never been confident in my flirting, and I lack a lot of confidence because I don't want people to see me as a fat lesbian girl. I'm not fit, but I am athletic. I constantly feel as though I need to lose a ton of weight before persuing a relationship. I've got to get over it.

21. I love feeling skin against my skin. If I give someone a hug and I can feel the warmth of their chest skin on mine, I secretly hold the hug a little longer. I think that is a huge sign of an intimate need to be so close to someone.

22. If I were to have sex with a man, I'd want it to be aggressive and fast. If I had sex with a woman, I'd want it to be tender and slow.

23. I'd rather wear the pants in the relationship than leave it up to someone else. I like to make the first moves.

24. If I were a man, I would have an erection all the time.

25. I can stimulate my clitoris without touching it. I'm one of the lucky few.