Saturday, August 21, 2010

1. I am: 24 years old, female, a slutty, filthy pervert, bisexual, polyamorous, switcher, usually femme. But I mainly identify as a filthy pervert.

2. I usually date guys. Statistically, I date 2.5 guys average at any given moment. I love all of them.

3. I grew up in an environment where bisexuality was thought about as the greatest option ever. I still considered myself straight until older age.

4. Most people I know, regardless of gender and sexual identity, have had some attraction, sexually or romantically, to more than one gender.

5. First time I fell in love with a woman I was 18, and well experienced with guys. She was straight and shy, so I never told her.

6. I frequently find myself in the guy's role in relationships with guys. I need a lot of space, I don't like commitments, I don't like to discuss our relationship, I don't remember dates, and yes, dear, this shirt looks great on you, now can you please take it off and give me a blowjob?

7. I shave most of my pubic hair. It makes me feel sexy.

8. I have some weird fetishes. I get turned on by staircases, or people who can talk languages, for example. I never talk about it, but I have a fantasy about being abused by a guy in Nazi uniform.

9. I really love sex. Like, really. I sleep with people for pleasure, curiosity, consolation, self-confidence, liberation, to love and be loved.

10. I've been told I'm obsessive about sex because I avoid having meaningful emotional relationships with people. I say people are obsessive with emotions and need a good fuck.

11. I was about 19 when I found out it's a rare thing I'm able to come from intercourse, not to mention that it's a rare thing I can come at all.

12. I was about 23 when I found out it's a rare thing that I come simultaneously with my partners, not to mention it's a rare thing that when they hold themselves I'm not having fun.

13. Generally speaking, I enjoy most sexual activities. I rarely enjoy anal, though. (Ha ha, I also rearly enjoy anal.)

14. I swallow. Always did, always will. I don't see the point not to.

15. I really meant it when I said I'm slutty. I've slept with handicapped people, barely legal girls, porn stars, heavy drug users, models, musicians, rape victims, sex workers, Christians, Jews, Arabs and atheists.

16. I've never had sex with transsexuals or genderqueers, though. Totally looking forward to it.

17. I wish more people would understand no love can be "wrong," and that there's more than one way of how sex and relationships should be.

18. Types of porn I like: positive/feminist/indie, comics, lesbians, amateurs, orgies. Only pictures or drawings, no movies. Thanks.

19. I own a black, small vibrator I got as a gift from friends. They knew my style.

20. I don't masturbate more than once or twice a month, though. I have other people to do that for me.

21. I lack the ability to appreciate asses. I know intellectually what makes a beautiful ass, but it never turns me on. I do like sexy shoulders, though.

22. I wish I could participate in more orgies. The last one was wonderful. It was when a guy I dated for a while confessed he's also dating another girl. Luckily, another bisexual girl I had a kind of crush on. we couldn't get out of bed for 24 hours straight.

23. I smoke after sex. Actually, I miss that intimate activity of sharing a cigarette after sex, since none of my current partners smoke. I don't get why people shower after sex. What the hell is so dirty about sharing liquids with another person?

24. I have a G-spot on my shoulder. It demands serious oral work, though. I usually don't tell partners about it, to see if they can find it themselves.

25. I always use condoms with guys. It's not just pregnancy and STDs, I just get really emotionally attached after unprotected intercourse, and I don't like to get emotionally attached just because of that. Actually, I think most females are like me in that matter, and I wonder why they're not aware of that.