Thursday, October 21, 2010

1) I’m a 50 year old heterosexual male who is bi-curious.

2) I’ve been obsessed with sex as far back as I can remember. Once I hit puberty I read everything I could get my hands on having to do with human sexuality from reference books to short stories to novels and the occasional magazine article. The local library was my altar of knowledge. Back then very few of the materials I read had much graphic detail about the act of sex, so I had to use my imagination to fill in the details.

3) I had my first sex fact lesson around the age of 10 when one of my older friends, B., confided in me and other friends that he knew how babies were made. He excitedly told us that the man put his penis in the woman’s vagina and sperm came out of the penis, which made the woman pregnant. Since I hadn’t reached puberty I didn’t know what sperm was. I assumed it was a component of piss as that was the only thing that came out of my penis at that age. From then on every time I peed, I imagined that the white froth generated from the force of my pee hitting the water was the sperm. I remember arguing vehemently with B. that the idea of sticking your penis into a woman was disgusting. I think that was due to two factors. One was that the only vagina I had ever seen belonged to my younger sister and it was small – way too small to put anything in there. Second was my erroneous assumption that sperm was contained in the urine and so it was necessary to pee in the vagina to achieve conception. B. was preternaturally smart and very mature for his age, and was rarely wrong.

4) Around the age of 12 I saw another man’s penis (other than my father’s) for the first time. We neighborhood boys would take turns having sleepovers at each others’ homes. It was a perfectly innocent thing back then when families were more like the Cleavers than the Osbournes. Well, I spent the night at the home of my best friend T. and he told me he had a surprise to show me the next morning but we had to get up really early. So just after dawn the next morning he stealthily led me to his parents’ door, which was opened just a crack. He told me to peer in. I saw his parents lying nude, asleep in bed. His mother was laid out on her back with full view of her big tits and hairy bush. She was gorgeous. When I saw T.'s dad I was shocked. His flaccid penis was incredibly thick and big. Being young and naïve I had no idea a penis could get that big. Later on I asked T. how his dad was able to fit that huge penis into his mom as I thought it was impossible. He told me that a woman’s vagina stretches large enough for a baby to come out. I guess I hadn’t thought about the birth process in much detail before but this new fact was horrifying to me. For weeks afterwards I was scared of vaginas.

5) My first quasi-sexual experience occurred during a sleepover at the home of B. He told me that another much older boy (about five years older) named R. said that a boy could make his cock bigger if he practiced holding it tightly and tugging it up and down. So B. and I did dick exercises that evening. I remember feeling a nice tingly sensation but it was nowhere close to the incredible feeling I would later know as the orgasm. B. and I quickly shared our newfound knowledge with the rest of the guys. We soon found that the name of this exercise was masturbation, which was fondly referred to as jacking off from then on.

6) The first time I saw ejaculate was during a sleepover at T.'s home. He was a year older than I and had started to go into puberty. He told me that he had a surprise to show me. He had developed pubic hairs but that wasn’t the big surprise. As he was stroking his big cock (like father, like son), he grunted and a small pearly drop of sperm appeared at the end of his penis. He was definitely having full-blown orgasms and was very proud to be the first of us neighborhood boys to actually ejaculate semen.

7) My first homosexual experience occurred at another sleepover at T.'s home. One night in bed he wanted to try something called cornholing. In other words he wanted to put his dick in my ass. I wasn’t crazy about it but I went along. He didn’t get his big dick very far in though. I tried it next but it wasn’t pleasurable. This sexual experimentation felt very natural and not dirty though we never tried it again.

8) My first orgasm occurred not longer after I started masturbating as I started puberty. The orgasm felt tingly and very, very good but since there was no ejaculate it wasn’t a full-blown body shaking orgasm. My dick wasn’t big enough to grip with my hand so I had to grab it from above with the tips of my fingers when I masturbated. Even with an erection it was frightfully small. Interestingly enough, I could masturbate many times in succession with no trouble achieving orgasm each time, as was the case with the other boys too. Later when I began ejaculating actual semen, I was only able to reach orgasm three or four times in succession. There is something in semen or the accompanying hormones that acts as a sexual anesthetic. I had no problem having as many as two dozen orgasms in one day though.

9) My first ejaculation happened not long after my first orgasm. It was just a thin watery fluid with no smell or viscosity. As the weeks went on I was expelling larger amounts of ejaculate, which began to thicken into a gel and eventually it turned milky in color and took on the musty odor of normal semen. The amount of ejaculate was not much – perhaps an eighth of a teaspoon.

10) I saw my first post-pubescent ejaculation not long after I started ejaculating small amounts of semen. My friend B. had apparently been giving R. handjobs in the woods and he wanted to share the experience with us. So one afternoon, R., B., my second best friend, and some other boys went into the woods. R. unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully erect cock. I was shocked at the size of it. That was the first time I had ever seen a mature, fully erect cock. It was enormous with big veins running up and down its length. We each took turns stroking R.'s cock. We could barely get one hand around it so we all used two hands. He ejaculated as I was taking my turn stroking it. R. let out a huge groan along with a huge amount of ejaculate that seemed to flow forever. Its consistency and color was a whitish yellow thick gel. The whole experience seemed surreal, as I couldn’t quite believe what I had just seen. I still remember him complaining that some of the semen had dropped on his penny loafers. Well fuck me. I didn’t know what to expect.

11) It wasn’t long after that when we started having circle jerks. This involves several boys forming a semi-circle and masturbating. Honors went to the ones who came first and had the most ejaculate. We weren’t far enough into puberty to produce much ejaculate and the older boys had the advantage there.

12) My first sexual experience with a girl happened in my freshman year at college. I was skinny, awkward and shy as a kid and didn’t blossom until I started college. My girlfriend S. was a gorgeous Puerto Rican sweetie with huge tits. We would park and I would eat and finger her wet pussy until she came over and over. She would finish me off with a handjob. By then I had developed the ejaculatory capacity of a pornstar but without the spurting. I was never much of a spurter, just a dripper, which was probably for the best anyways.

13) I deflowered my first, and only, virgin who was my first serious girlfriend. We did the deed at my grandmother’s house. I had a hard time penetrating her and it was over very quickly. She bled a bit, which I didn’t expect. It freaked me out because I thought I had hurt her. I wiped away the bloody cum with a washcloth. I still feel guilty to this day for taking her virginity. I was turning into a controlling, domineering jerk and she deserved better. She broke up with me a few weeks later. I cried off and on for days like a baby. Damn, losing your first true love hurts. I was convinced I would never find another love like her. Little did I know then how many conquests lay ahead.

14) I married at the age of 28. She was a stunning Norwegian brunette 9 years my junior. Big mistake, as I was to find out. She was too young and I was too idealistic. We divorced two years later. Fuck, she was beautiful. I had some really erotic nude photos of her that we took together. My second wife cut them into little pieces when she found them.

15) I started dating ex-wife number one’s best friend even before the divorce was final. She was a stunning blonde with a killer body and nice tits. Best of all, she had her tubes tied after her second child so we screwed with abandon whenever and wherever we wanted. She gave killer handjobs and blowjobs. I loved her so deeply and to this day she was the one true love of my life. Little did I know at the time that I had married an alcoholic. Actually, I knew it, but my idealism got in the way of reality, as I was going to fix her. Seven years later we divorced.

16) I joined the girlfriend of the month club with the advent of the World Wide Web. I joined several dating sites. Life was good.

17) The best sex I’ve ever had, excepting my second wife, was with a redhead I was dating. She had 36DD tits and a clit the size of my thumb. Between clit sucking and tit fucking, I was a tired man. She gave the absolute best blowjob of all time. My body would go so rigid when I came that I though I was going to tear a muscle.

18) I’ve been monogamous now for the past 10 years and have settled into the bliss of domestic life. The lovemaking isn’t as frequent but I supplement it with a healthy regimen of self-sex.

19) About 6 years ago I discovered the wonders of prostate massage and edging, where one repeatedly gets to the edge of orgasm and backs off. With the use of a popular prostate massager, I can have multiple, mind-blowing orgasms and huge ejaculations in one session.

20) I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist and have frequented lots of nude beaches, and live near one now. I bought my first camcorder about 10 years ago and have found that taping oneself is very erotic. The girlfriend tired of it and doesn’t participate any longer. There are several blogs on the Internet where I and others can share videos.

21) I had my first and only adult homosexual experience when I placed an ad on Craigslist. I wanted to have the experience of a man coming in my mouth so I would know what it feels like for a woman. Physically he was perfect but try as I might he wouldn’t come no matter how much I sucked. I came too quickly and soon became uncomfortable because all he wanted to do was stroke my body with his hands and cuddle. This wasn’t what was specified in the ad. Oh well, maybe I’ll try it again.

22) As I’ve gotten older, I don’t masturbate or have sex nearly as often as I used to. It’s also harder to maintain an erection for long periods of time, especially when masturbating, and almost impossible to come a second time.

23) I enjoy eating small amounts of my own cum. I love the smell. The taste is bearable, but not the vanilla flavor my first wife claimed it was. Of course, I was younger then too.

24) I don’t have the urge to fuck other woman like I did when I was younger. It’s actually a great relief to have my sex drive diminish a bit. When you’re younger and horny all the time, it’s time-consuming to meet those needs.

25) The internet is the best sex toy ever.