Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1. I'm 19 years old and a self-appointed slut.

2. I currently identify as mostly a lesbian, but really I’m a bit more bisexual.

3. I think I’ve slept with between 10 and 11 people. More men than women.

4. I’ve always been physically attracted to women, but I kind of suppressed that for a while and became a closeted, self-loathing, mildly homophobic wreck because I thought that being gay would ruin my life. I thought wrong, because…

5. …I really love eating pussy! And boobs. God, I love a pair of modestly sized, fleshy, round breasts.

6. I like giving blowjobs too, but less because it’s sexy and more because I’m pretty good at it. It’s like an art.

7. I’m still attracted to men, but on a totally different level than with women. I want to do sexy, orgasmic things to girl bodies. I like when boys charm my pants off.

8. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had really, really great sex. Just really great moments in immature sex. I think it’s because of the age of most of my sexual partners.

9. I know I’m a good lay, but I get all weird about bragging about such things. So I tend to just kind of restrain myself the first and/or second time I sleep with someone.

10. I fuck to feel wanted. I tend to also make bad decisions based on this premise. But I never feel guilty about this kind of behavior!

11. I really do prefer the cleaner, more shaven pube thing. Like, I don’t care what my partner is like (though, if you have a pussy, keep it neat), but I prefer being bare with just a patch. Thing is, I’d rather have a full bush than ingrown hairs and spots and rashes, so I just keep it shaped and cropped.

12. I used to cum really easily but now, not so much.

13. I realized I was pretty gay when the highlight of my last relationship was my uber-masculine boyfriend fingered me once. I was lying on my chest, staring at my bookcase, thinking of all kinds of beautiful pussy imagery while he pummeled with two fingers from behind. I loved it and I came really hard.

14. I tried to have sex with a guy a little while ago and it turns out, I’m so used to fucking girls, a lot of things went wrong. First, I couldn’t get wet like when I’m with a lady. Second, I was ridiculously drunk. Third, I felt weird letting him put his hands or mouth on my pussy, even though I eagerly blew him. And lastly, I had no idea what to do with my fingers! I kind of suggested (and tried) to finger his ass but that did not work. Also, I suddenly realized that was an asshole I was touching, not a vagina. Total shock! Now I have this fantasy of seeing him again and doing everything right. I want to blow his mind. We'll see.

15. I have an unreasonable ass-phobia. I even tried playing with my ass once, while masturbating, but that didn’t really do much for me. I wish I’d get over it, because it’s a neglected orifice.

16. I want to fuck a straight man up the ass with a strap-on so bad.

17. I want to fuck a girl with a strap-on, too. But in her cunt.

18. I used to really want to fuck an older man, but now the only guys I really have much desire for are awkward, dorky, smart ones.

19. Gorgeous people aren’t that attractive, to me. I need a connection on a psychological level to want to fuck someone.

20. Gay male sexuality makes me uncomfortable. That’s double-dick and double-jiz, and the thought of fucking a gay man makes me really nervous. But I think it’s kind of hot when straight boys kiss other guys. Paradox.

21. Sometimes, I don’t want to have sex. I’d rather just get out my vibrator and some good girl/girl porn and fuck myself.

22. I love having my breasts played with: kissed, bitten, licked, fondles.

23. I like having slightly rough sex, with all sorts of clawing and biting.

24. I’m a total top. No joke. You wouldn't know that, though, by the way I am outside of the bedroom.

25. I’m not in the least interested in a romantic relationship, nor have I felt romantically towards another person in a long time. I just have a laundry list of girls I want to fist.