Sunday, November 7, 2010

1. I identify as a lesbian. I am going to marry a man. I find no fault with this.

2. I love my body more and more every day thanks to all the beautiful sex-positive blogs out there, my loving fiancee, and all the straight girls that have developed crushes on me.

3. I have had sex while on acid. It was the most glorious, emotional, heart-wrenching, life-changing orgasm I have ever had.

4. My fiancé and I had our first simultaneous orgasm last night.

5. I love being spanked, having my hair pulled, being bitten, and being fucked so hard I can barely stand it. I like pain, it's wonderful.

6. I believe that sex is a very magical, powerful thing. I wish I knew more and more about carnal alchemy.

7. I used to be very quiet and reserved, and I never said what I wanted in bed. Now, I scream so loud you'd swear I woke up the neighbors.

8. I love my vagina. It's warm and comforting and beautiful. I can't wait till it is a home for my children.

9. I thought that my "gaydar" only worked on women, but now I just think that I have some kind of magic that makes women fall for me.

10. My parents were very proactive in my early sex life, informing me and helping me understand that I had options. I am able to have very healthy sexual and emotional relationships because of this.

11. I don't know if I'm polyamorous. I don't think I want to have multiple intimate relationships, I think I just want to have sex with women as well as my fiancé.

12. Sometimes I wish I could be tied up all day waiting for someone to come home and punish me.

13. I like having my face fucked sometimes. It makes me very very wet.

14. It has taken me a long time to get over the word "slut" and other such things. As time goes on I become more accepting of everyone's sexual choices and in turn it is easier for me to be OK with my own.

15. I don't really enjoy anal sex. I enjoy the idea that I am OK with the idea though.

16. I wish I had taken advantage of the situations in which I could have had lasting relationships or sex with certain people up to now. The only reason I didn't then was because I had all these reservations of right and wrong.

17. Freckles will be my downfall.

18. I strive for ejaculation. If I could squirt I think I could die happy.

19. If I ever were to be polyamorous, I don't think I could be comfortable with it until I was comfortable with the idea of my fiancé with other women too, regardless of whether he would want to be with them or not.

20. I still have reservations about him looking at porn, but only because it makes me feel inadequate. I know it's stupid, but I have a mental block about it. It is slowly coming down, though.

21. I have become the token lesbian in my circle of friends, i think.

22. I want to paint a portrait of my vagina.

23. I think ball-gags are incredibly erotic.

24. I like having sex in places other than my bedroom because its' sneaky and reminds of me being a teenager and being ever-so-excited that I was making out with ANYONE. It brings back that excitement and that wetness.

25. My ass is huge, round, and perfect.