Monday, November 8, 2010

1. I am a married 37-year-old male and I have a reasonably good sex life with my wife (2-3 times a week). She is the best sexual partner that I have ever had.

2. I have cheated on my wife a couple of times, but never anything as far as intercourse.

3. The last woman that I cheated with gave me the best blowjob of my life. The first woman that I cheated with... I spent about an hour photographing her while she was nude; she then asked me to feel how wet she was, so I slid two fingers inside her (she was very wet) -- nothing else happened beyond that. Afterwards, she complained that I didn't pull out my cock and jerk off while photographing her.

4. My wife has an orgasm 95% of the time that we have sex. Apparently, my cock swells just before I have an orgasm and she really likes the feeling. I have tried to fake orgasms and I have tried to hide the fact that I was about to have an orgasm -- and she can tell every time. I rarely can get my wife to orgasm any other way (and I've tried!)

5. I lost my virginity when I was 17. I was fooling around with a slightly older but MUCH more experienced woman. She got so horny that she begged me to fuck her, which I did without a condom. My brother came home about 10 minutes after we started having sex, so we went elsewhere and finished on a deserted road in my car.

6. My first sexual partner was basically a series of one-night stands. We had sex a half-dozen times, most of which involved her cheating on a long-distance boyfriend. She said that I was better in bed than him, but I think that it was simply because I was so nervous that it took me a long time to get off, giving her the illusion that I had tremendous stamina.

7. I now can almost completely control how long it takes me to have an orgasm (except in the morning, when it always takes me a long time). I can get off in 30 seconds or 60 minutes, whichever you prefer.

8. My ex-wife claimed that I took her virginity but I don't believe her and I never did -- and not because her hymen had already been broken (at the time, it just seemed like she was lying). For about 5 years, that was the only time that I assumed that she was lying. Eventually, I learned that she lied to me almost all of the time (including with cheating on me with several different guys).

9. I enjoy watching porn so much that I sometimes think that I am addicted to it. I particularly like amateur porn in which the woman is very vocal and has an orgasm. I am almost completely unaffected by solo porn, gay porn, lesbian porn, or porn with high production values in which the actors are clearly acting.

10. I really love performing oral sex on a woman. I love the taste and the smell and the subtle motions that her body makes as she enjoys the experience.

11. Although my cock isn't quite 6 inches long, it is thick. None of my partners have complained about it being too small and one of them complained that it was too big. My wife claims that mine is the only cock that has ever gotten her off.

12. I think that my current wife cheats on me when she travels for work. I am almost certain that she is planning to meet one of her ex-boyfriends for sex within the next year. I'm not sure that I care as long as the rest of our relationship is fine.

13. The best orgasm of my life happened when I was grinding on my girlfriend when I was 27. She was a virgin and she had declared that she was waiting until she got married to have sex. We had spent the entire day making out and I was ridiculously horny. I came so hard and so much that it scared me -- it literally felt like I was peeing instead of coming.

14. I average about one orgasm every day. If I skip a day, then I'll usually get off twice the next day. If I get off twice in one day, then I'll skip the next day.

15. I once had sex five times in one day. My then-girlfriend tried to wake me up for a sixth time, but I refused. This still bothers me because one of my fantasies is to be woken up for sex.

16. I have been in love four times -- both of my wives, the girlfriend from #15, and the virgin from #13.

17. Although I am turned on by the thought of receiving oral sex, it's actually rare that I can get off while receiving a blow job (and it usually takes a long time).

18. I once went skinny dipping on a first (blind) date. She was clearly very attracted to me and I wanted to see how far she'd go. While driving to the lake, she declared that she wasn't going to fuck me -- though I am certain that she would have if I had tried. Although we fooled around a few more times after that first date, we never had intercourse. I refused to sleep with her (i.e,. actual slumber) and she refused to have intercourse if I didn't stay the night.

19. I received a blow job from the best friend of my girlfriend from #15.

20. I cheated on my most recent girlfriend before meeting my current wife. We had broken up temporarily, so I started looking for dates via the internet. After we got back together, one of my internet acquaintances invited me over for a night of NSA sex and I accepted.

21. I had sex with the woman from #20 another couple of times after breaking up with my girlfriend and it was awful each time. One time, it literally hurt (for reasons that I do not understand).

22. My current wife is the only person with whom I have had anal sex. The first time, she did it without telling me because she wanted it and I had previously refused. I have had anal sex with her a half-dozen times since then and I enjoy it although she doesn't anymore.

23. I have had sex with my wife several times in public places where we could get caught. The most dangerous was the middle of the day, just off of a busy hiking trail in a state park. The most recent time was on a dock on a lake, at night, during a meteor shower.

24. When I was younger, I used to shoot come 5 to 10 times when having an orgasm. Now, I mostly just dribble out a small amount of come -- this disappoints me greatly.

25. I regret not exploring sex more with the girlfriend from #20. She loved to swallow; she was bisexual and interested in threesomes; and she clearly would have tried anything that I requested. For some reason, we mostly had vanilla sex.