Monday, January 10, 2011

1. I am a 24-year-old female who hates labels regarding sexuality almost as much as labels regarding religion.

2. It took me years, and obviously lots of practice, but I am fully able to have multiple orgasms. Only two, at the most (for now).

3. I love talking about sexuality with my partners - even past partners. All the time, constantly.

4. I own a small travel-sized bullet vibrator, and two larger dildos. (One of which is the infamous Rabbit. I've only used it twice).

5. I prefer vibrational stimulation while masturbating, but penetrative stimulation during sex.

6. I've wept sometimes at the intensity of my emotions, and the physical sensations, during an orgasm..

7. I want to try everything, at least once. (Except for a very slim list of things I deem degrading; but, to each their own!)

8. I love, love, love laughing during sex. Funny noise? Laughter! Banged our teeth together? Laughter! And so on.

9. I've never made out with a woman - I do not wish to die without having done so. I'd also love to simply ravish her body with my mouth.

10. Sometimes I just want to lose myself with my current partner and let go of rational thought. Maybe get a little rough, bite him more deeply, go faster and harder. (But I worry too much of what he'd think).

11. Despite weighing (currently) 130 pounds, I am still extremely body-conscious. I'd love to videotape at some point, though. I just want to feel more comfortable with myself first.

12. I enjoy being dominated sometimes. But there's a fine line between shivering because I'm turned on, and shivering because I'm frightened. (I've never felt 'safe' enough to experiment with this).

13. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I have never been to therapy to discuss my sexual life. All healing has been done on my own, and with extremely understanding and, I stress, patient partners. I am forever grateful to them - but I feel most of the work done came from within. I'm proud of myself, and I feel this is only just the beginning. It's an extremely exciting time in my life, as a sexually active being.

14. I enjoy amateur, couple porn. I can't stand porn stars talking dirty throughout an entire video (clearly not enjoying themselves).

15. Only recently did I finally get a guy off in my mouth. I was grinning from ear to ear all day. I'm really looking forward to practicing deep-throat again too.

16. I have had six sexual partners. But I'm tired of thinking about the number. I don't think it matters.

17. Although I have never had children (and never want to), I had an IUD inserted. I love having sex without a condom as well as the sight of my partner's cum in the toilet-water afterward. I don't know why, but I think that's incredibly hot to see physical proof of just how hard I got him off.

18.Getting facials in the shower, hell yeah - easy clean-up, and the water that's already falling masks the actual cum-splatter sensation.

19. I love my breasts. 34 D, and I am very particular about making sure they've got proper support. (Underwire, ladies!)

20. High sex is amazing. I adore having high sex with my partner. We turn into animals, and become all about nothing but each other's pleasure.

21. At some point, my partner and I have agreed to try a day of only physicality as our means of communication - nothing verbal. I'm very much looking forward to using just my body as the only way able to express how I feel about him.

22. The sounds he makes when he gets off are the hottest I've ever heard. I love it when he makes noise.

23. I prefer uncircumcised penises (but do not discriminate). I just think they're natural and more beautiful (and more fun!).

24. My favorite position (currently) is something he and I refer to as 'chair' - he sits down, I straddle him, and I'm in full control of how fast, how hard, and how deep we go. It's amazing, and I'm glad he enjoys it so much too.

25. Sometimes I feel that intercourse (in whatever fashion: making love, sex, etc). is a purer form of love than anything I could possibly say or write with words.