Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1. I am a 21-year-old female who is mainly attracted to men, but has been attracted to people of all sort of other genders and can’t think of any sexuality label for myself that I care to take on.

2. Until a year ago, I had had slept with 2 people, both of whom were men my age who I was in long-term relationships with. Now, that number is up to six and someone 20 years older than me and a woman were added to my list. 2010 was good for me.

3. The sex workers I have met are some of the most incredible, brilliant, masters of the art of seduction and sexuality that I know.

4. Would BDSM/power play be as interesting if it weren’t for the terrible social inequalities that are being referenced and played with in these fantasies? I don’t know, but I am a fierce feminist, and love to be submissive in bed.

5. I orgasm easily sometimes, but other times enjoy myself a lot but don’t really reach a climactic point. This is not really something that bothers me, I know the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling unsatisfied, and for me it’s not always defined by climax.

6. I like big men... but I’ve had a skinny guy ask me to dominate him. That was fun too.

7. Giving blowjobs might possibly be my favorite sexual act. I love the feeling of constantly learning new skills to craft the perfect orgasm on the other person, who loves every minute of your creative performance. I love figuring out new blowjob skills, and if I dominant man wants to teach me some new ones, I’m eager to learn.

8. I’m overweight as well as sexy as hell. No contradiction there.

9. Watching porn has led me to imagine the people I meet naked or having sex infinitely more often than I did before, especially women. I think I have been able to do this while continuing to respect them.

10. There are a few dirty pictures of me floating around on the internet.

11. Most good orgasms involve me rubbing my clit a bit in just the way that I need... I don’t think that’s a problem. On the contrary, my clit is amazing and I wouldn’t want to leave it out of any orgasm!

12. I have group sex and threesome fantasies.

13. I have double and triple penetration fantasies.

14. I have never removed any hair on my pussy. To me it just seems wrong, though of course I would never dictate what someone else should do. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for most people I have slept with.

15. I have two vibrators but hardly ever use them; my hands work way better for me.

16. The best orgasms- and possibly the best feeling- I think I have ever had is masturbating by myself, after smoking a joint.

17. I once took a man’s virginity and totally got off on how nervous and trembling with excitement he was.

18. I love to be spanked.

19. Although variation is the spice of life, I think my favorite trajectory when fucking my boyfriend is to start with him on top, switch on doggy style when I just need it deeper, and then get myself to climax while he fingers me.

20. I really love my boobs a lot.

21. And my pussy.

22. Some things I have not yet experienced that I would like to include learning to squirt and finally having pleasurable anal sex.

23. I would like to meet a sexual partner who gets turned on by menstrual blood. I think it’s gorgeous but none of my past sexual partners have cared for it, to say the least.

24. Every morning when I wake up my hands are down my pants... I guess my hands are just most comfortable tucked away in my pussy.

25. I know you aren’t reading this, French lover, but I want so much right now to light up a cigarette and have you go down on me for old times' sake.