Saturday, February 5, 2011

1. I'm an 18-year-old cis-gendered girl. I'm either unsure about my sexual orientation or find it impossible to put a word to it... I guess "fluctuating/developing" would be the best to describe it for now.

2. I take pride in the fact that other people have said I have the most perfect breasts they've ever seen.

3. I've only had one wet dream: I dreamed about masturbating with sex toys in front of my mirror.

4. I started masturbating during my early childhood years, probably about 7 years old. This was before I knew about sex at all--I just did it because it felt good.

5. One day I skipped science club after school just so I could go home and masturbate before my parents got home. I was in the fourth grade.

6. The first time I had an orgasm from another person was in a movie theater on Valentine's Day.

7. A few summers ago, I got involved with a guy who was already in a relationship. We messed around for about 2 months, but eventually I called it off. At the time, I didn't care at all that he had a girlfriend (who had no idea that he was cheating), but I felt awful after we stopped being involved with each other. It turns out the guy was hooking up with several other girls too.

8. I can trace my kinks/fetishes back to several occurrences in my childhood (like most other people with fetishes). That "a-ha" moment when I realized that I was into certain things because of things that happened throughout my life was one of the coolest feelings ever.

9. Very tall people are so arousing to me.

10. From my freshman to sophomore years in high school, I had a crush who eventually I became friends-with-benefits with. We would always make out in the woods, where I gave my first hand job. Eventually I gave him a blowjob, and for some reason we didn't talk for about 3 weeks after that. Things started up again and we hooked up for a while after that, but I eventually stopped answering his text messages and stopped talking to him in school. Now we're complete strangers, but I don't really care. He was pretty boring anyway.

11. I have had a huge crush on the same guy for a little over two years. Even through all the hook-ups with other people, I still hold my crush high above the rest. He happens to also be one of my best friends, which I sometimes worry could complicate things.

12. A few months ago I tried autoerotic asphyxiation for the first time, and it was one of the most phenomenal, euphoric feelings I've ever experienced. I finally understand why people go to great lengths to do that, like risking their lives.

13. I don't ever want to be pregnant, but I definitely don't want to go on birth control pills because I don't want all those extra hormones and chemicals in my body. This is really frustrating for me.

14. Two months ago I got a skin rash that could have possibly been an allergic reaction to latex. This was really upsetting for me not only because I might not be able to use normal condoms, but because I might not be able to wear latex fetish clothing at some point in my life.

15. I am into BDSM, as a dominant. I enjoy consensually inflicting pain on others as well as myself, tying others up, etc. Realizing that I was into this and that lots of other people are too feels really great, and I love having friends who I can talk about this with.

16. My first sex toy that I bought was a Wartenberg pinwheel.

17. Ive only had one submissive fantasy, involving my high school principal. The classic "naughty school girl" roleplay. Even though I've had this one submissive fantasy, I definitely dont consider myself a switch.

18. One goal of mine is to visit Pandora's Box in NYC, a famous BDSM space.

19. When I'm attracted to girls, it's usually very random. They're never really similar to one another. I guess I don't have one "type" of girl that I'm attracted to.

20. I fantasize about threesomes a lot.

21. One of my biggest fantasies is to tie someone up in my shower and drip candle wax down their body.

22. My greatest accomplishment will probably be finding attractive, leather-free bondage gear.

23. I make an effort to only hook up with people if they're vegetarian/vegan. As pretentious as that sounds, why would I want to make out with someone who eats gross animal products if I don't?

24. I'm afraid of losing my virginity somewhere boring. I want it to happen in some exciting situation.

25. I've recently started to become more-than-friends with the guy I mentioned in #11. One night he stayed over at my house while my parents were out of town, and we started getting intimate. Eventually I learned that he has a lot of similar kinks to mine, which is really awesome. I can't wait to take things further with him.