Thursday, March 31, 2011

1. I am a 23-year-old lesbian. It still bothers me when people find out because I fear it will impact on my career, which at some point will see me living in the public eye. I like the fact everyone assumes I am straight.

2. I have an incredibly high sex drive. I used to think this was abnormal when I was a teenager because I constantly thought about sex. Not every second of every day, but if I am day-dreaming, my mind will wander, and I inevitably end up playing out sexual fantasies in my head. Someones they are so vivid, I feel if I keep acting them out in my head, I'll orgasm. I certainly make myself wet.

3. Men, more than women, desire me. So I often use my sexuality to get men to do things for me; I'm slim, petite, and extremely feminine. This is why #1 is such a concern for me. I am proud to be gay, but I don't see the point in telling everyone my business; straight people don't have to, why should we?

4. I hate it when straight women tell me they would "go lesbian" for me. Why don't you, just once, do it?

5. I have never met a woman I couldn't get to ejaculate. This is because I taught myself how to ejaculate and use this technique on other women. Currently, I have slept with seven women, all of whom have ejaculated and promptly told me I was the best mouth they'd ever come across. I've never had any complaints from these women and consequently was informed by each I was their greatest fuck. It sounds arrogant, but it cheers me up when I'm having a shitty day, truly.

6. I have also slept with four men. I hated it. They loved it.

7. I have never had sex in my own bed. It's always at "their place," in the back rooms of cafes, bars, cars, an empty cinema, a soccer field, and more. WAY more.

8. While I would never want to have a penis, there is something so powerful about wearing a strap-on. It gets me off the quickest.

9. I come across submissive and shy but I'm actually the dominant one in the bedroom. I've never met anyone who I thought could top me. Ever. I enjoy tying women up and telling them what to do. They're usually so shocked at what I turn out to be, they don't think twice.

10. The best sex I ever had started with me telling a woman, in her kitchenette, that I wanted her to take off all her clothes right there, and touch herself, slowly, while telling me how she planned to fuck me later. She didn't come until I told her to. I think people overestimate the power of being able to seduce someone with a voice. She was the one I stayed with the longest... because it was raining. We bathed together, then fucked like animals while the rainstorm pounded the roof. As a result, whenever there's a rain and thunderstorm, and I'm in bed, I'll probably be masturbating.

11. I don't enjoy being spanked. I grew up in a violent household so being spanked, even lightly, will turn me off completely. That being said, I enjoy spanking women; I don't even want to know what this means.

12. Because of #11, I shamefully have some deep-rooted "abandonment" fears. My longest relationship was four months and I haven't been in one since; I was 16. My personal opinion until late was that they were inherently useless and I was better off fucking strangers, because everyone else had either cheated, left, or both. But now I'm tired. I think I would be happy in a relationship; actually, I know I would be. But I'm good at loving people and terrible at being loved. So after years of nameless, faceless fucking, I don't know what I want.

13. I have never stayed the night after sex. I always try to leave within an hour.

14. I have never slept with a "butch" lesbian and I don't intend to. I don't find them attractive and they only want me when they assume I am straight. When they find out I am gay, the novelty of getting me into bed wears off. Bitches.

15. I adore oral sex, giving and receiving. I like starting slowly, taking my time, and feeling her get wet in my mouth. I don't see why men are so daunted by the task of going down on a girl. It's the most powerful act there is. I like to use my tongue on her clit, around it, before flicking it inside. The smell, the taste, the feeling, it's all fucking good. I like it when women moan when I lick and squeal when I take their clit into my mouth and suck ever so softly while I use my fingers to push and rub their G-spot. I have no doubt the best oral sex I ever gave was when I used a small ice cube on my tongue.

16. I have a remarkably erotic mouth in bed. Dirty talk is for chumps. Do you realize how intense an orgasm can be if you simply bring a woman to the brink and just tell her to cum for you?

17. I'll flirt with anything that walks. There's nothing sexier than teasing someone.

18. I masturbate at least once a day. Anyone who says they don't jerk off is either lying or missing out.

19. I hate it when my clit gets ignored during sex. So while I prefer clitoral stimulation over penetration, the combination of the two will make me scream.

20. The woman in number 10 made me realize I get off watching women whom I want to fuck touch themselves. I can't describe it, I like watching and being watched.

21. I could spend hours kissing a woman. They have the most incredible skin, tongue, lips, everything. I can't imagine being with a woman, and being able to kiss and touch her, and then not spend the majority of my day doing it. In a way, I feel bad for whoever goes out with me because I get turned on at the drop of a hat.

22. I detest being the little spoon. It's my biggest annoyance.

23. I find breasts and thighs the most erotic part of a woman. I love the sensation of being on top, with a girl's legs wrapped around my waist, and her breasts pressed against mine. I like running my hands up and down the backs of their thighs, knees, and legs before fingering them and taking their breasts in my mouth. Everyone tastes different.

24. I hate quickies, and while they are a necessary evil, I avoid them when I can. If a girl wants to fuck me, she'd better have a couple of hours free.

25. I'm terrified I'll end up alone.