Monday, April 18, 2011

1. I am a 24 year old semi-straight girl who has been really sexually open since I’ve been active.

2. I have been with 12 boys and 1 girl, with only one boy being a single-night hook-up – the rest have at least been built up over anywhere from a few weeks to years.

3. I lost my virginity with my first boyfriend at the age of 20. We were best friends for years, and then one day he told me he loved me. I always had a little crush on him, and was so surprised about his admission that I just kissed him on the spot. We dated for 8 months, and I ended things based on the fact I didn’t think we had any sexual chemistry. Looking back, this is interesting, since he was my first sexual partner. How’d I even know that our connection wasn’t strong enough without anything to compare it to?

4. My second partner was also my first love. He is so beautiful and strange, and although we are almost exact opposites, we fell in love quickly. Our sexual connection built into something massive I think is extremely rare. He taught me so much and gave me so much pleasure I can never tell him how much I appreciate it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I grew up sexually with him. I was spoiled for years, and now I have extremely high expectations of an ideal sex life. Almost every time we had sex, we’d be blown away afterward about what we’d experienced. This has only happened to me a handful of times with all my other partners.

5. #4, whom we can call Sir W, had the most beautiful and perfect cock I’ve encountered yet. It was just a little bit too big, which made it perfect. When I think about it now, I still get shivers.

6. Sir W and I have been together and apart for 4 years now, dating others in between when we aren’t living in the same town/city. We have such strong sexual chemistry that I can’t even live in the same place without fucking him. Due to educational and life situations, we’ve been apart (often different countries) for the past two years. When we are both in our hometown, we get together, regardless of our situations in our current cities. Since I know now we aren’t meant to be together as partners, I try and make sure we don’t live too close to each other. Too dangerous.

7. I traveled overseas for two years, and have only just returned to my home country 4 months ago. I went through a period of meeting boys traveling and sticking with them for a few weeks, traveling together and building an intense, mostly sexual connection with each of them. I’d be excited, and then realize they weren’t for me, and I’d just bail. Strangely enough, they were usually really, really sad, and tried to chase me down, though I never did return to any of them. I have had partners from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

8. I think I am average physically, but I’m very open and fun, and like to talk about everything; sex is one of my favorite topics. I think this is why guys (and one beautiful girl) fall for me fairly quickly.

9. My encounter with the same sex happened not long ago. I’ve known for a while I am not ‘straight’ per se; more open to whomever I may meet. I met a very intriguing girl who has only been with girls. Our first time together was epic; she used a strap-on. It was an intense, wonderful situation – and I am so glad I’ve met her. We still hook up now and then, and she taught me I can be attracted to a wide range of people.

10. I think Katherine Moennig, or Shane from The L Word, is the hottest person on the planet. I love super skinny, slightly androgynous females. So hot. My only female partner had shades of Shane in her; maybe that’s why I was so attracted to her at first.

11. I’ve learned my sex drive is much higher than average. Sir W and I would think nothing of having sex 5-6 times a day while we were on holiday and just living the good life – during normal life with school, work, etc, it would usually be twice, morning and evening. This was almost every day we could for 2 years... we never slowed down.

12. With my other partners, I am usually up for more sex than they are. I have even walked away from people due to their sex drive being ‘too’ low, even when I truly enjoy their company. This happened mostly when I was traveling, where quick, intense relationships with strangers was commonplace, and meeting a new travel-mate was easy.

13. I love rough, slightly painful sex. I think this stems back to Sir W and I, as we bit and scratched and spanked and held a lot. I always have to ask other boys to fuck me harder, and they are surprised at what I can handle. My current partner doesn’t like to be bitten, and I find myself holding back or biting my own arm in the heat of a good fuck.

14. My current partner, D, is 15 years older than me, but smoking hot. He is way more vanilla than I am, but he has had some crazy sexual experiences with multiple partners in the past. It makes me hot to hear about them, and I imagine fucking another boy in front of him, or another girl. We’ve only been dating for a short time, but I’m pretty into him.

15. I can squirt…a lot. Sir W and I made it a mission to ‘teach’ me to ejaculate, and one day, I soaked his bed. We were super surprised and both ecstatic. I’ve learned to control my stomach muscles, and now I can basically squirt on demand. I find it changes my orgasms, so I’m glad I can control it most of the time. It makes orgasms have a greater lead-up, but the climax less intense.

16. The hottest thing I have seen lately is Sir W get off for me on web-cam. It drives me absolutely insane, and he loves doing it for me. I don’t really think of it as cheating on my current partner, but I certainly don’t tell him either. I wonder if I’m addicted to Sir W in some sexual way... I just love his cock so much, and his body, and his sexual style...

17. As D is so much older than I am, our relationship isn’t just based on sex. It is based on caring for each other, getting to know each other, and just feeling good around each other. This is a first for me. Usually, relationships for me were 70-80% sexual, whether I knew it or not. This is nice and fucking scary at the same time. I keep thinking about the power he has to hurt me, since I’m beginning to really care about him. This negative thinking goes completely against my usual sunny disposition, so I’m really unsure about why I’m so sure pain is going to follow what for now is really, really nice. He is so cute and always does the most thoughtful things for me... I know he genuinely wants me to be happy.

18. D and I have sex sometimes and neither of us come. This is interesting to me – Sex is still great even though we don’t orgasm every time. It takes him longer to recover than it did my partners of the same age, but I don’t mind because he's usually focused on me during this ‘recovery’ period. Our sex life is getting better every time we try. This is super cool as it is building as our relationship builds... it's more of an emotional connection than purely physical. I think I’m beginning to see the difference between fucking and ‘making love’...

19. I have had sex on a variety of drugs. Most recently, I had sex while on MDMA. It was so insane I can hardly think about it, even now. During the act, all I could think about was this is why humans are alive... to feel this good. Afterwards, I was convinced our sex was so amazing we changed the entire world for the better.

20. I have had anal sex multiple times with one partner who had a smallish penis. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I like ass play a lot more – small butt plugs or fingers. It changes my orgasm, and I just like to have my anus touched, especially while someone goes down on me. I dated my ‘anal partner’ while living in a campground abroad in a tropical climate. We used to fuck in a van with all the windows open because it was so hot. The whole campground would have heard us all the time--especially in the mornings.

21. I love sex in uncommon places. I once had sex on an overnight train in Vietnam. The beds were super skinny, lining the walls of the train cars. I climbed into Sir W’s bed, and we had the hottest, quietest sex while we could hear everyone around us coughing, shuffling, and breathing. Only a curtain separated us from the other passengers. I still wonder if anyone caught on.

22. For the longest time, I wanted to study Human Sexuality. What is possibly more interesting? I read a lot of research, and may end up in the field, though right now I am pursuing something else. I want to know more about the blurry lines between straight and gay. I think Kinsey was on to something with his scale.

23. If I am going to masturbate, I typically read literotica. I love, love, love group sex stories. I like amateur porn, but I find reading and imagining gets me off way faster and gives me a better overall experience.

24. I get super wet, super fast. It’s just how I am, so when new partners are so surprised and excited, I forget other girls probably aren’t like that. I almost never use lube – there is no need. Even from just going down on someone I can get wet enough to fuck right away. A backrub, a kiss on the back of my neck – even little things make me wet so easily. I am so grateful for this!

25. I love this website and thank the people who make it happen. After all, sexuality is a massive part of each of our lives, and making you feel ‘okay’ with your own version is a beautiful thing. Thank you for your efforts and keep up the fantastic work.