Friday, May 6, 2011

1) To my casual friends I’m 22, bisexual, a cisnormative woman (i.e. they don’t think there’s other options) and a bit kinky.

2) To my closest and most trusted friends and relevant online discussion groups I’m 22 (unfortunately that doesn’t change), pansexual, genderqueer/fluid and quite heavily kinky.

3) I don’t like this tendency to label everything and everyone, but hopefully once people realize that everyone is different and can’t be broadly categorized we can get rid of them altogether and just be.

4) I’ve know I wasn’t straight for as long as I can remember and I identified as pansexual as soon as I discovered gender wasn’t binary.

5) I’m quite comfortable with my body and I really like my boobs.

6) However I don’t think of myself as a girl or a woman. I’ve always identified more with ‘boys’ and I’m usually treated like one of the lads. I think the idea of the gender binary is unnecessary and kind of stupid, thus genderqueer seems to suit me fine.

7) I’m a submissive, bondage and discipline loving, masochistic freak and I love every second of it.

8) I love to be bitten, ‘specially on the neck or the inner thigh. I love the idea of being marked as someone's.

9) I don’t watch a lot of porn, just occasionally bits with partners or friends, and it doesn’t really do anything for me. What little porn I have watched has been amateur, because they look like they’re genuinely enjoying it.

10) I fucking love erotica, though, and could probably read sex stories all day.

11) I first read porn when I was about 13 (in the form of fanfic) and I’ve been writing it since I was 15.

12) I had sex for the first time when I was 14, with my best friend. It was funny and awkward and sexy and one of the sexual decisions I’ll never regret.

13) I’m a slut and I’ve struggled for a couple of years with reclaiming this title instead of being shamed by it.

14) I think people in eyeliner, stompy boots and tight t-shirts are sexy and I’m almost always attracted to any stranger reading in public.

15) I want to have more sex in libraries.

16) I can talk to my Mum about everything and frequently do. We even talk about vibrator recommendations. I can talk to my Dad about anything, and it’s clear that he’s sometimes uncomfortable, but I love that he makes the effort for me. They have always been there when I’ve been confused about myself.

17) I think everyone should own a sex toy and be encouraged to explore themselves.

18) I’ve never had an orgasm from purely clitoral stimulation, but I don’t care ‘cause I love penetration.

19) I love the idea of polyamory but I’ve yet to be in a polygamous relationship. It makes more sense to me than monogamy.

20) Part of the reason for no.19 is that I haven’t as yet found any difference between the love I have for my friends and the love I’ve had for romantic partners. If I don’t hold myself to loving just one friend, why should I only be allowed to love one partner?

21) I own remarkably few sex toys despite how much I talk about them and how much I know about them.

22) I love to be touched, in a non-sexual way. I love to be scritched behind the ears and snuggling with my friends. I’m generally just a very tactile person and what I love most about my friends is that they let me just hug them without necessarily having to ask permission first.

23) Most of my sexual fantasies involve fictional characters, partially because I read and play video games a lot and get very involved with the characters, and partially because I feel awkward fantasizing about people I know.

24) When I was younger I was a really sexual person and indulged myself a lot. Now I have access to regular sex when I want it, but I really just crave intimacy. I want to find someone to just cuddle and kiss with.

25) I was sexually assaulted when I was 17. I got stuck in a bad situation, but I’ve tried not to let it affect my life or my enjoyment of sex. I’ve left it until last on this list because I wanted the rest to stand on its own and not be seen as a consequence.