Saturday, May 21, 2011

1. I am a 19-year-old, queer, genderqueer individual.

2. I'm biologically female. Sometimes I am comfortable with this, other times I am not. My partner and I have talked about either of us transitioning. We both say it could happen, but I'm usually pretty content with being a short, small-breasted female who sometimes gets mistaken for a 15-year-old boy.

3. I've been with my current partner for 10 months. We are in a monogamous, committed relationship. I can honestly see it lasting many years, if not my entire life.

4. I had my first kiss with a boy when I was 13. I lost my virginity with my partner when I was 18.

5. For me, queer means that I prefer androgynous people. I can appreciate the "traditional," cis-gendered female form, I just couldn't be in a relationship with one. I'm attracted to gay men, though not sexually.

6. My partner is very androgynous and I love it, even though I know my family and friends don't.

7. My parents and friends think I am a lesbian. Only my partner and people in my online circles know how I truly identify.

8. I love sex. I am horny very often and masturbate almost every day.

9. Masturbating isn't about orgasming for me. I just enjoy touching myself. Though it often does lead me to orgasm.

10. I am completely submissive when having sex. My partner uses a dildo/strap-on on me, goes down on me, and uses her fingers.

11. I once came to orgasm when she was sucking on my stomach.

12. I enjoy porn, but do not go looking for it. I can get off to mostly anything, but I love erotica most.

13. I love just spending time in bed with my partner, or alone.

14. I'm often confused about my sexuality.

15. I like wearing things that my partner finds sexy. She likes me in garter belts and thongs, but also in baggy jeans and plain shirts.

16. I don't really have any interest in fucking someone, or being dominant. I feel as though that sounds selfish, but my partner has no interest in being submissive, so it works out perfectly.

17. I enjoy kinky sex. I love, love being bitten and sucked on and I love having hickeys. I like getting bruises from sex and the idea of getting injured during sex (not seriously, of course). I think I'm too silly a person to participate in role-play. I love dildos and have a bad habit of window-shopping online for them.

18. I started masturbating at a very young age, before I even knew what I was doing. I first penetrated myself when I was 15.

19. My partner and I have discussed the topic of anal, though we haven't done it yet. I'd love to try it once, just to see if I like it or not.

20. I have small breasts, but my partner loves them. She has small hands and they fit perfectly.

21. My partner and I have a 3-year age difference. I see nothing wrong with this.

22. I love "sexting" and talking dirty.

23. I love when I touch my own nipples and they get hard and "bumpy."

24. I knew I was attracted to females when I was about fourteen, but I didn't come out until I was 18.

25. I wish I was braver in experimenting with my gender presentation. People in my town are not liberal and assume everyone is straight.