Thursday, August 11, 2011

1. I am a transman, FTM, from Russia (excuse me for the mistakes, I'm not a native speaker). I had my mastectomy and documents change a couple of years ago. Now I'm in my mid-twenties.

2. I identify as... maybe pansexual. Probably. Don't know for sure. I had sex with cis-guys, just to be sure that it couldn't make me less of a man. You know, when you are a teenager-ftm, people often say that you should at least try to have sex with a guy. They say, "straight" sex can wake up "the woman inside you." So, I was very young and stupid, and I tried it a couple of times. For me that was really gay sex. Ewww. But maybe now, post-op, It will be different?

3. I like girls and I've wanted to be with them since I was 12 years old.

4. I am in a constant relationship with a woman now. She is amazing; we have great sex. I love her.

5. I don't use a strap-on, dildo, or whatever. My hands and tongue are always with me. Toys are somewhat scary for me.

6. I like to masturbate.

7. I masturbate in the shower, with water. I discovered this kind of masturbation when I was around 14. When I was twenty-something and already post-op, I learned how to please myself without a shower head, and it was great. It IS great.

8. I don't like vaginal sex. I can't put anything in my vagina--in fact I hate it. But I like oral sex with women. Giving and receiving. I nearly always get an orgasm.

9. I had sex with another FTM. We were drunk, it was a weird experience, I don't remember much. We were in clothes. It was such a shame in the morning. I think, that if I wasn't drunk that night, it couldn't have happened. And I also was starting my testosterone therapy. Libido rises, no girls in our life for that moment, and vodka... oh. Actually, I don't like vodka. Especially with beer.

10. Maybe sex with another transman isn't a bad idea. Maybe, if my current relationship with a woman comes to an end, I'll try it. But I will never have sex with an admirer (man or woman) who doesn't like me as a person and wants to fuck with me just because I'm transsexual. If you just want exotic sex, go fuck somebody else.

11. Sometimes I think about sex with someone else (not with my partner), but it is just thoughts. Not that I really want to do it right now.

12. I like to touch people (and not in a sexual way too). I like to be touched.

13. I am not tall... well, okay, I'm short. 161 cm. But it isn't a problem. I can find a partner, if I want to. I'm not overweight. Dark haired, masculine. I think that I'm attractive.

14. I don't like BDSM. But I like elements of hard sex.

15. I like "69." I like facesitting.

16. I like to watch porn with squirting. But I am not sure that I want to see squirting in real life. Is it pee or something else? I don't know. But squirting orgasms are exciting... at least in videos. I jerk off to squirting porn.

17. I love to hear my partner's moans. I also make noises, especially at the time of orgasm.

18. It's very exciting to try not to make noises--when parents are in the next room, etc.

19. I had sex with an underage girl when I was also underage. So it's not a crime. She provoked me--it was my first sexual experience ever.

20. I don't want phalloplasty. I think the result of this operation isn't beautiful. And what if it can't feel after all? No, thanks. I love my little cock.

21. In Russia there are many homophobes and transphobes. So I don't tell everyone that I'm FTM. Just living as a man is enough. Maybe if I was a cis-male there would be more sexual relationships in my post-op life.

22. I want somebody to make nude photos of me. Maybe someday...

23. I already masturbated today.

24. I've never had a one-night stand or sex with a stranger. Thank God.

25. I have never been raped. Lucky me.