Saturday, October 29, 2011

1. I am 22 years old, and a cisgendered female in a very happy relationship with another woman.

2. My girlfriend and I have amazing sex that almost always results in orgasm(s).

3. I hate the word lesbian and use "queer" if I have to label myself. Gay is my favorite term.

4. My first relationship and sexual experiences were with my high school boyfriend. I broke up with him after nearly a year, when we were both in college.

5. The first time he felt my breasts, I didn’t even notice. We were looking at the stars in the back of his pickup truck and when I asked him how high on my chest he felt, he said "to your sternum." I was disappointed that I didn’t feel anything.

6. I told him flat out I wouldn’t have sex with him, and refused to go down on him, although he went down on me once. When I mentally compared my desire for penis vs. vagina, I started to accept that maybe I really was more into girls.

7. I hooked up with a few guys during college, mostly after dancing with them. I find dancing incredibly sexy.

8. I came out junior year of college, and wish I had done so earlier, because I was suddenly a hot item among the ladies, gay and straight, on campus. Sometimes I imagine the sexual possibilities I might have missed out on.

9. I hardly remember the first time I had sex with a woman. I was black-out drunk and we did it outside on a campus athletic field. I think this is unfortunate, but can’t say I truly regret it.

10. I love to be dominated in bed. Nothing gets me more excited than when my girlfriend takes charge, pins my hands against the wall, and fucks me roughly. I’ve suggested handcuffs, and she suggested a dildo, but we haven’t done it… yet.

11. I love eating pussy and especially when she grabs my hair and screams.

12. I have a fetish for wet and messy play. I’ve never told anybody.

13. I discovered porn when I was in sixth or seventh grade, and have always preferred gay men going at it. I think I’m drawn to the aggression.

14. Around the same time, I began devising elaborate plots to get my female friends to pie me in the face. It turned me on, but I didn’t realize I was being turned on. I remember examining my underwear to see if I was wet. It was soaked.

15. Later, I discovered masturbation with the help of the bathtub, after innocently thinking to wash my vagina extra well since I was on my period. I thought I was having sex the first time.

16. I was raised Lutheran and have overcome more than a few ingrained religious qualms to become the sex-positive person I am today, minus the religion.

17. I would love to get fucked with a strap-on.

18. I masturbate a lot. Sometimes just to sleep, I usually don’t put that much effort into it. I never have trouble reaching orgasm, but in extremely high-stress situations, I can’t come.

19. When I’m really turned on, my saliva tastes different. This only happens with my girlfriend. I like it.

20. When I came out to my parents, my dad was totally cool. My mom wasn’t. I’m not allowed to tell my brother, I’m never going to tell my grandma. My mom’s trying hard though. It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

21. After I told my dad about my girlfriend, he advised me to wait for sex (too late, I thought) because he and mom had waited until marriage. Why would I wait for sex if I can’t legally get married where I live?

22. The first time my girlfriend really fucked me, I had asked her to do it, then got overwhelmed and had to stop. I was a little disappointed, but it was actually a really intimate experience.

23. I want to cut my hair short, but have been nervous about the associations that come with it. I think I’m going to do it this fall.

24. I am really turned on by the idea of people coming on each other, although I hate the traditional porn style man-comes-on-woman’s face. I’d like to make my girlfriend ejaculate all over me.

25. I want sex more frequently than my girlfriend. If she bites when we make out, then I know it’s on.