Monday, April 9, 2012

1. I am a 42-year-old, married, heterosexual male, and I think I have had sex with about 80 women; I say "I think" because for a while I was on a rampage, seeking validation of some sort, and somewhere along the way I lost count.

2. One definite thing about me is I absolutely LOVE breasts. It doesn't matter if they are small or huge, natural or not - I love breasts and honestly cannot understand how there are men who do not. There is just something about holding them, touching them, sucking them. I especially love to see them bouncing.

3. Speaking of bouncing, my absolute favorite sexual activity is to be ridden and watch breasts bouncing.

4. I love to hear a woman talk dirty to me. In my experiences, not a lot of women will do it because they think they sound silly, but trust me ladies, if you throw in a well-placed "fuck my pussy" or something like that, it will make a world of difference to your guy.

5. I am often told I am an attractive man, but for so long I was always told I was too skinny, so somewhere along the way I developed some type of complex about it. I guess that is the root of the uncertainty of the number mentioned in #1. I have since gained weight (6'2", 190 lbs) but I guess it's kind of like people who lose weight and still see themselves as fat. Funny how our brains work, huh?

6. I have a fetish of smelling women's panties. When I visit someone and use their bathroom I always look for a hamper and hope there are panties in it. On occasion I have taken a pair so that I could masturbate in them later. I prefer panties that have a fair amount of discharge in them because there is something primal about knowing that came out of that woman's pussy. Plus it holds her scent so much longer.

7. I have a pre-paid phone I use to talk to women I know or meet. Well, actually we usually just text back and forth. I was initially amazed that I could randomly text women I know and without telling them who I was that they'd start confessing all types of sexual things to me. A few of them I have let know it was me, but most of them don't. Sometimes they will text me to tell me what color panties they are wearing, and a few have sent me pics.

8. I love to give oral sex. There is just something intimate and very mentally pleasing about having my face between a woman's legs and tasting/smelling her. I actually prefer to do it after she has been working or running errands all day as opposed to when she is freshly showered. Doing it after she has washed up takes away all the natural flavor and scent, and there's nothing to taste; I may as well be licking on plastic.

9. Most people would look at me and consider me a pretty plain, boring person and never guess I have a Prince Albert. I consider it a marital aid, and my wife loves it.

10. One woman I would LOVE to have sex with is my sister-in-law, although I know it will never happen. She's one of those women that just oozes sexuality without even trying. She is also one of the women I text with,  and after much time and after she'd divulged a lot of personal info I finally told her it was me; needless to say she was totally shocked. We send each other flirty texts throughout the day just to break the monotony.

11. As I have gotten older I have begun to see that I am becoming more and more open to different aspects of my sexuality. I don't think I'll ever be open to male-male interaction, but pretty much anything else is up for consideration. I'd like to see my wife with another man. I think it would help me be a better lover to her if I could sit back and watch how she responds to certain touches and movements. Besides, I'm not above thinking I can learn a few things from someone else, and maybe he'd bring something to the table that I never even considered.

12. I would love to experience a golden shower.

13. I like to have my testicles tickled from behind. Sure, it feels good if we are facing one another or any other position, but damn if it doesn't feel good if I am lying on my stomach and my balls are touched with a feather, tongue, or lightly with fingers.

14. If I don't have sex then I masturbate. I cannot recall the last time I went 24 hours without coming. When I travel and check into a hotel I always masturbate as soon as I get there - kind of like planting a symbolic flag, I guess.

15. Whenever I travel, my wife gives me a few pairs of her panties she's made so I can smell them and come in them while I am gone. Maybe once or twice I have left them where someone could find them and have even watched a few times to see people's expressions - talk about priceless! I have even seen a few people slide them in their pocket, bag, or briefcase.

16. I am not one to get caught up in the wild, crazy positions to have sex. For me the excitement comes in the place we have sex. Of course, the more risky the better it is for me. Too bad my wife isn't as adventurous and open to the idea.

17. My fuck-et list includes being with women of different races (Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic), an orgy, going to a nudist resort, a midget (little person, to be PC), sex in public, domination, and extreme bondage.

18. Speaking of sex with women of different races, I am somehow drawn to middle-aged white women (think soccer-mom type), young Asian women, and both young and middle aged Hispanic women. Don't know what that means but I am sure a shrink would have a field day with that one.

19. Not sure how I let this one slip all the way down here, but when I orgasm I have full body orgasms, meaning I come HARD. It's like every nerve in my body is firing at the same time, and even the slightest touch feels like a million volts of electricity shooting through me. I used to be embarrassed about it but as I have gotten older I have found most women really like it. And hell, it feels good, so win-win!

20. I had an affair with a woman I worked with and she was absolutely amazing in bed! There was nothing off-limits with her and she loved sex as much as I do. Unfortunately, she started acting crazy and that was the end of that.

21. I fantasize about sex all day, every day. There have been times I was shaking the hand of a colleague and wondered what she looks like when she comes, what color panties she's wearing, what her fetishes are, what she tastes like and, most importantly, what it would take to get her in bed.

22. One of my biggest fantasies is to come home and find my wife has gotten me a woman for my own pleasure, to do whatever I want. After allowing me my time with her she comes back and all three of us indulge in the most erotic sex ever.

23. I often wish there was a way I could know the number of women that have masturbated to the thought of me and the number that have wanted to fuck me. Who couldn't use that ego boost every now and then?

24. I love to lick my wife clean after I come inside her. There is just something about the way we taste together and hell, if I expect her to swallow mine or lick me clean after we're done,  there's no reason I shouldn't do the same for her. I love using my mouth during sex.

25. There is nothing better than having sex. If I could go every day with a new partner I would. Not that I don't love my wife,  but every woman brings something different, and it would be incredible to experience as many as possible.