Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1. I have a very high libido. It's always been this way, but until recently I never acted on it.

2. I've been married for over twelve years, I'm a PTA member and head of the school bake sale. I'm also polyamorous. I've had a lover for the last year, and just started meeting new men for possible adventure. My husband is cool with our arrangement, but chooses to not be part of it. My lover knows about everything, and will hopefully soon be part of it.

3. I had my first orgasm when I was five or six years old. I remember rubbing against my pillow and suddenly being overcome with ecstasy. I immediately tried to recreate the experience.

4. I masturbate almost every day - mostly with my vibrator, but sometimes with my hands so I'll be self-sufficient in the event of a worldwide battery shortage.

5. My lover has a HUGE cock. I LOOOVE his HUGE cock. I cannot get enough of his HUGE cock. I wish his HUGE cock was inside of me right now and a minimum of five times a day.

6. I've been part of two soft threesomes (one man, two women). Both times I was the only one who had full-on penetration with the men. I think this is due to my vanity/ego needing to feel like the main/most important woman in the mix. I'm currently working on this - I'd like to be a bit more generous if the opportunity ever presents itself again.

7. I've had anal sex three times and loved it. The first time it took some getting used to, but once I relaxed the pleasure was off the hook. The second time was with my main man. We were concerned he might hurt me due to his size, but he was so gentle, slow, and careful it turned out to be totally amazing. The third time was with an additional guy I'd been seeing, the Ass Man. I was so into it I hardly noticed that it was entirely too fast, too rough, and for too many hours. It took over a week for me to heal. I will NOT do that again.

8. I love sucking cock and love sucking balls, and always aspire to do my personal best to please. Hand-jobs seem to be my downfall. I'm working on this too.

9. It feels disingenuous to say I enjoy rimming, but in the heat of the moment I'll do it without hesitation and it does excite me. I enjoy having it done to me too, not so much for the sensation, but because of how naughty it feels.

10. I wish I were brave enough to be with two men at the same time. I imagine being the center of so much pleasure and attention would be intoxicating for me.

11. My college boyfriend and I once had sex on a stack of coats during my parents' big Christmas party at our home. It was so hot I still take the memory out of the spank bank every now and then.

12. I love porn, especially amateur porn and home videos. Sometimes I don't beat off to them. But mostly I do.

13. My husband is the only person who can make me come with oral sex. I think the reason it's his specialty is because it's an incredibly intimate act and he loves me more than anyone else in this world. I love him too. We just have different needs.

14. I like a powerful man who knows how to take charge - hair pulling, ear biting, rough sex, anything that taps into that primal energy makes me crazy.

15. Sometimes when I masturbate I fantasize I'm a young girl from Roman times being forced to have sex with an undesirable, hostile, old man in exchange for some family favor in front of a group of onlookers. Sometimes I fantasize I'm a peasant girl in the Victorian age and for some mysterious reason the king is trying to impregnate me (I think maybe the queen keeps having girls and if I get pregs w/a boy they'll steel the baby from me and pass it off as hers). He fucks me as an audience yells their demands that I conceive a boy. OK, this is the last one I'll tell - sometimes I fantasize I'm part of a woodland village and before all the men head off to battle they all line up and take turns going down on me; the man who makes me come is the man who will lead the tribe to victory.

16. I have no idea why those fantasies come to me when I jerk off! Maybe I subconsciously want to be part of a gang bang.

17. I cannot help being very loud when having sex. Sometimes I wish my lover would just cover my mouth.

18. I'm into dirty talk, especially when it's very close to my ear.

19. My favorite orgasms come from deep penetration. The deeper, the better.

20. I think I might be ready to explore a woman's body. I wish the hot young thing at my coffee shop would give me a sign.

21. I once fooled around with my friend's husband while she watched, then the two of them had sex right next to me and I watched. It was hot!

22. I have recently acquired a lover, Superman. He put me in positions I had absolutely no idea my body could accommodate. Today he asked if I've ever done DP. I have not. I will definitely be seeing Superman again.

23. I feel massive guilt about what I'm doing. My husband is home with the kid when I romp with my lover and go out meeting potential new lovers. Also, when I do the mom thing I often daydream about the dirty fun I'll be having later (or had the night before). I'd be happy if I had sex every single day, especially when I'm ovulating, because getting fucked hard is the only thing that eases the pain of that time. My husband could go his whole life without it (family issues, shame issues, lack of experience, etc.). This arrangement seems to works for us, but it feels like I'm carrying such a dirty secret. I really wish more people understood.

24. I was a faithful wife for ten years of a mostly sexless marriage. In the last two years I've slept with four men. It feels like I've been reborn. This is who I am.

25. I wish my husband wanted me the way my lovers do.